Tutorial Cards

Credits: VincentASM

Movement (Buttons)

Highlight a unit and press A to display the unit’s blue movement range. Select a space within this range, then press A to move there. You can also move with the stylus.

Movement (Stylus)

Touch a unit, then touch a space within the unit’s blue movement range to move there- or you can slide the stylus if you prefer to chart a specific path to your destination. You can also move with the buttons.

Commanding Units

After you move your unit, a menu appears. Highlight a command and press A to confirm your choice- you can just touch the command with the stylus. Select “Wait” to end the unit’s turn.

Direct Combat (Buttons)

While moving, you can also select a target to attack. Highlight an enemy and press A to display the combat forecast, then press A again to enter combat. You can also select a target with the stylus.

Direct Combat (Stylus)

While moving, you can also select a target to attack. Touch an enemy to display the combat forecast, then touch the enemy again to enter combat. You can also select a target with the buttons.

Indirect Combat

Units armed with bows can strike from two spaces away. However, they cannot attack adjacent spaces.

Magical Combat

Units armed with magic tomes can attack enemies in adjacent spaces as well as those two spaces away.

Bonus Damage

Some weapons deal more damage than usual when wielded against certain units. The bow, for example, will make short work of pegasus knights and dracoknights.

The Weapon Triangle

Weapons possess a unique hierarchy: Swords best axes. Axes best lances. Lances best swords. This is called the weapon triangle.


Keys can open doors, lower drawbridges, or open chests- depending on the type of key.

Movement Cost

When units move, terrain affects how far they can travel. Some units can pass through terrain others cannot; pirates can move through water, for example, while mountains halt cavaliers in their tracks.


Units positioned in forests, mountains, or the sea have a better chance of avoiding enemy attack. Castle gates, thrones, and forts provide a defensive boost as well and restore HP each turn.

The Combat Forecast

A panel with helpful combat information appears before you attack an enemy unit.

Using Items

Items like vulneraries can be used by selecting the “Items” command, followed by the item’s name, then “Use.” Items displayed in grey cannot be used.

Discarding Items

Surplus weapons and items can be discarded by selecting the “Items”・command, followed by the item’s name, then “Drop.” Discarded items are gone for good. (Some items may not be discarded.)

Trading Items

Move next to an ally and select the “Trade” command to exchange items.


Move Marth onto a village and select the “Visit” command to pay its residents a visit. You might be able to obtain valuable items or even meet new allies.


Curates and clerics wield staves. With the right staff, you can restore HP to allies, or even transport them to another location.

Issuing Orders (Unused)

You can issue orders to any unit but Marth, telling the unit how to behave when not otherwise instructed. They will take action after you end your turn.


To clear the map, move Marth onto the yellow space and choose “Seize.”

Specialized Units

Some classes have special abilities unique to that class. Thieves, for example, can open doors or chests without the use of items.


After a unit moves, select “Wait” from the menu that appears to end the unit’s turn. You can also press B or touch the B icon at the top of the screen to cancel the move.

Long-Distance Attacks

Ballisticians can use siege weapons to strike enemies a great distance away.

Battle Preparations

From chapter four onward, you can make preparations before going into battle.

Reclassing Units

During preparations, you have the option of changing a unit’s class- but there are limits.

Alternating Turns

You (blue) and the enemy (red) take turns to progress the game. To end your turn, either move all of your units, or select “End” from the System menu.

Losing Units

If the enemy reduces a unit’s HP to zero, that unit will be removed from the game. Lost units are gone for good; you won’t be able to use the unit again after that point. If Marth’s HP run out, it’s game over.

The System Menu

Highlight a space not occupied by a unit and press A or touch the MENU button to display the System menu. From here, you can suspend the game, adjust game options, or end your turn.

Item Drops

Items shown in green text in the enemy-status window are yours if you defeat that foe.


Sometimes enemy reinforcements will appear during battle. You can stop this from happening by placing a unit on the space from which they emerge.


Move to the savepoint on the map and select “Save” to save your progress. Each savepoint can only be used once.

The Convoy

The convoy allows you to store items for later retrieval.

Useful Tricks

Use the buttons above to toggle the upper display or view an enemy’s attack range.

Checking for Danger

Press X to show the attack range for all enemies at once.