Sound Room


Most of the songs are pretty simple to obtain. Playing through the whole game, on both Eirika and Ephraim’s routes, should earn you pretty much all of the songs.

No. Name Notes
1 The Valiant Opening theme
2 Main Theme Title screen theme
3 Prologue Prologue
4 The Beginning Initial World Map theme
5 Treasured Memories Eirika’s World Map theme
6 Grim Journey Ephraim’s World Map theme
7 Ties of Friendship World Map theme when twins are reunited
8 Ray of Hope World Map theme in Map mode
9 Distant Roads Overworld theme for Chapters 1~8
10 Rise Above Overworld theme for Eirika’s Chapters 9~14
11 Follow Me! Overworld theme for Chapter 5x
12 Determination Overworld theme for Ephraim’s Chapters 9~14
13 Truth, Despair and Hope Overworld theme for Chapters 15~20
14 Land of Promise Overworld theme for the Final Chapter
15 Binding Vow Overworld theme for NPCs
16 Grasp at Victory Overworld theme when few enemies remain
17 Confront the Past Overworld theme for the Tower/Ruins
18 Shadows Approach Overworld theme during Fog of War
19 Shadow of the Enemy Enemy overworld theme for Chapters 1~8
20 Assault Enemy Overworld theme for Chapters 9~14
21 From the Darkness Enemy Overworld theme for Chapters 15~20
22 Twisted Shadows A Enemy Overworld theme for the Final Chapter
23 Twisted Shadows B Enemy Overworld theme for the Tower/Ruins
24 Envoy from the Dark Enemy Overworld theme during Fog of War
25 Attack Player’s battle theme
26 Defence Enemy’s battle theme
27 The Battle Must Be Won Boss battle theme
28 Powerful Foe Boss battle theme for strong bosses
29 The Prince’s Despair Lyon’s battle theme
30 Return of the Demon King Fomortiis’ battle theme
31 Sacred Strength Battle theme when equipped with Siegmund or Sieglinde
32 Tethys Tethys’ battle theme
33 Healing Battle theme for healing staves
34 Curing Battle theme for status-changing staves
35 To a Higher Place Promotion theme
36 Advance Event music
37 Tension Event music
38 Raid! Event music, plays in the Prologue
39 Reunion Event music, plays when the twins reunite
40 Indignation Event music
41 Sorrow Event music, plays when the twins part ways
42 Laughter Event music, plays when L’Arachel is present
43 Legacy Event music, plays when Myrrh is first introduced
44 Lyon Event music, plays when Lyon is present
45 Lost Heart Event music
46 Lyon (Organ Arrangement) Event music
47 The Final Battle Overworld theme for the final battle
48 Solve the Riddle Event music, plays when Grado Keep is involved
49 Lights in the Dark Event music, also the World Map theme for the Final Ch
50 Comrades Recruitment theme
51 Victory Event music
52 Into the Shadow of Victory Event music
53 Main Theme (Reprise) Epilogue
54 Combat Preparation Battle preparations
55 Shops Shop
56 Armouries Armoury
57 Bonds Support conversation viewer
58 Colosseum Entrance Arena theme (Appeared in Genealogy of the Holy War)
59 In the Colosseum Arena battle theme (Appeared in Gaiden)
60 Colosseum Victory Win in the Arena
61 Colosseum Defeat Win or lose in the Link Arena
62 Victory Song A Complete a single floor of the Tower/Ruins
63 Victory Song B Complete the whole of the Tower/Ruins
64 Game Over Eirika or Ephraim die in combat
65 In Sorrow’s Shroud Allied character dies
66 Records Epilogue or complete the Tower/Ruins
67 Victory and the Future Clear the Final Chapter
68 Fly with the Breeze Epilogue
69 Epilogue Epilogue