Epilogue (B)

(Rausten Court)

“Ephraim… It is time I must be going. I am still princess of Rausten, after all. There is much to which I must attend. Renais and Rausten are far apart, but that distance can be managed somehow. If you and I were to be betrothed, that is… I wonder if I appear too forward… No, how silly of me!”

(Caer Pelyn)

“Ephraim… I must return to Darkling Woods. With my father gone, much responsibility falls on my shoulders. Yet I would ask… May I come and visit you from time to time?”

(Renais Castle)

“We of Frelia will do what we can to aid in the restoration of Renais. If you have need of our assistance, you can come to me at any time. And another thing… It…wasn’t such a bad thing, fighting on the same side as you. That’s all. The day will come, though. One day, we will see who is the better.”

(The twins are in the throne room)

“Where are you going, Brother? We’ve endured so much to get home, and now…”

“I’m sorry, Eirika. I must journey to Grado. I just received word from Seth. In the south, within the empire, there has been an enormous landslide.”

“A landslide?”

“Yes. Word is it was so great that whole cities were destroyed. They say the damage is so severe, the empire itself is in danger…”


“That’s why I must go to Grado. The people are saying this is Grado’s divine punishment… But these are the same citizens Lyon wanted nothing more than to protect. I cannot ignore their plight.”

“Yes, of course not. I will ride with you.”

“No, you must remain in Renais. Our country is recovering, but we cannot rest easy. Someone must stay to protect the realm.”

“Ephraim… I understand. I will take your place until you return. I will wait for you in Renais, Brother.”

“I can always depend on you, Eirika. Lyon… I will be king. The type of king we often spoke of… Strong and kind in measure: an ideal king. The people of Renais and Grado are under my protection, and I won’t fail them. Watch and see…”

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(Flashback, Lyon, Eirika, and Ephraim are in the castle courtyard)

“Oh, are you… I’m… My name is Lyon. Uh-huh. That’s me… The son of the emperor. You’re Prince Ephraim and Princess Eirika from Renais, aren’t you? I heard you were coming, and I’ve been waiting here all day. I’ve always wanted… I don’t have any friends my own age… So, Prince Ephraim… Princess Eirika… What do you say? From now on, let’s be friends…”

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