Eirika & Forde

C Support

Forde: Aaaah…
Eirika: Forde, you’re looking in rare form today.
Forde: Ah, Princess! Yes, I’m trying not to overextend myself today. I see you’re looking well, too. Except for…
Eirika: Yes, Forde? What is it?
Forde: Well… I was just thinking about something… Princess, do you find that your armor leaves a bit too much…exposed?
Eirika: I beg your pardon?
Forde: You know, too exposed. Especially around the…er…midriff, if you will. Aren’t you worried that, in the heat of battle, it might, eh…
Eirika: Fly up like this?
Forde: Augh! Oh… Uh… You were…just joking. Wow. Don’t scare me like that!
Eirika: Oh, I’m sorry. That must have seemed rather unladylike. Honestly, though, I do rather like this armor. It’s very easy to move around in. I think that freedom of movement is far more important to me in combat.
Forde: Well, sure. I guess everyone has his own preference. I’ve gotten many long years of use from my armor.
Eirika: I can imagine. Now that I look at it, I can see all the scars from all your fights.
Forde: A knight’s greatest pride are the scars his armor bears for him. This battered shell of mine is the only true badge of valor… …The only real sign that I’ve weathered blade and arrow for king and country.
Eirika: Forde…
Forde: Oh, and… Well, in my case… Some of these dents are from me falling off my horse. Heh… Oh, and some come from falling asleep in my armor and rolling onto my weapons. Kind of a lot of them, actually. Heh…
Eirika: You stood by my brother when he and I were separated, didn’t you? I never got a chance to thank you.
Forde: Oh, it was nothing. Really. To be fair, Ephraim probably saved my hide more often than I his.
Eirika: I doubt that. My brother rushes into battle without thought for consequence. I think, if nothing else, you restrained his natural recklessness. I owe you a debt. Both you and Kyle.
Forde: Princess Eirika…
Eirika: Forde, Renais thanks you. May you always stand beside us.
Forde: At your service, Princess.

B Support

Forde: Princess Eirika! Good to see you.
Eirika: Ah, Forde. Yes, it’s good to have you fighting at my side again. It’s only because of your skill that I’m fighting here today.
Forde: Well, we all seem to be deep in this fight, milady…
Eirika: Yes, there’s no pulling back now.
Forde: So it would seem. My lady, leave the fighting to us soldiers. Even if there be an unholy hail of arrows, we would ride into them for your sake.
Eirika: Ha ha… Why, thank you, sir knight! …Say, Forde.
Forde: Yes?
Eirika: What will you do when all this fighting is over?
Forde: When the fighting is over? Hm… Good question. Well… I suppose I’ll return to Renais… and take a very, very long nap.
Eirika: That does sound like you. And then?
Forde: Then? I would like to return to my painting, I think.
Eirika: You paint?
Forde: Yes, milady. I paint. In the past, I’ve tried to be quiet about this little hobby of mine. However, quite a few of our group have unearthed my hidden secret.
Eirika: Is that so? Well, I’d love to view your work sometime.
Forde: Ah, I’d be honored. It’s hardly worthy of such an audience, but I’d be glad to show it to you.
Eirika: I look forward to it. Oh! And…
Forde: Yes?
Eirika: Would you ever consider… doing a portrait of me?
Forde: I’m sorry?
Eirika: Is that distasteful to you?
Forde: No! No… It’s just that I so rarely do portraits.
Eirika: So, it would be a bother?
Forde: Not at all! A bother? Really. This request comes from my princess. I’d be more than happy to.
Eirika: Thank you, Forde.

A Support

Forde: Princess Eirika.
Eirika: Forde.
Forde: You asked me earlier what I would do when all this fighting ended…
Eirika: I remember…
Forde: Well, I should have asked you, too. What will you do when this fighting ends?
Eirika: Me?
Forde: Yes.
Eirika: I… … I’d like to restore Renais and bring happiness back to her people.
Forde: …Princess Eirika…
Eirika: It is not enough that this war end…that we go home again. It’s not enough that my brother become king. These things aren’t enough to make a good country.
Forde: …
Eirika: People deserve happiness. They are the reason that we rule. Without the people, there can be no Renais.
Forde: To live happily, to be proud of our nation… To restore the happiness of her people…
Eirika: Yes, that is my dream now. It is an abstract goal, and perhaps a little vague, but…
Forde: No, not at all!
Eirika: How so?
Forde: I mean, rebuilding a country, now THAT is an abstract goal. But what you’ve described, that is a wonderful ambition. I’ve never been so proud to serve the kingdom of Renais.
Eirika: Forde…
Forde: I’ve come to a decision! I know I’ve already sworn an oath, but… I want to renew that vow. Please, let me help make your dream come true! I’ll do anything I can to help you…as long as it doesn’t require heavy lifting.
Eirika: Thank you… I’m very grateful to you, Forde. It feels like this war might never end, and our people give in to despair quickly. But thanks to people like you, who smile in the face of sorrow, they can be saved.
Forde: Oh, no. You make too much of it. I’m nothing special. I simply cannot allow myself to worry when there’s fighting to be done. You’re the special one. You have such a profound effect on us all.
Eirika: …Me? How so?
Forde: It is because of you that we can go on. You and the prince are here, risking your lives for the cause. Your guidance, your leadership… It gives us a reason to live as well.
Eirika: A reason…to live?
Forde: Yes… To restore that radiant smile to your own lovely face.
Eirika: Oh!
Forde: I fight to see you smile again, to drive the worry from your face. If I can do that, then I will be more than happy to paint your portrait.
Eirika: Forde…
Forde: We’ll do it together. Every day is another step closer to the end of war. One step closer to making your dream come true.
Eirika: …Agreed!