Eirika & Tana

C Support

Tana: Ah, Eirika. Shall we ride together a while?
Eirika: Tana, you seem well. And yes, I’d appreciate the company.
Tana: I feel I should apologize. I’m afraid I haven’t been very much help to you, Eirika. To be honest, I’m still in training, and not quite battle-ready. Perhaps you’d fare better if I were not traveling with you…
Eirika: Tana, that’s not true at all. You’ve been a great help to us. I have seen you in action. I know what I’m talking about.
Tana: Thank you, Eirika. Heh… I feel so foolish now.
Eirika: Why is that?
Tana: I look on you as a sister, Eirika. And yet, even though we’re the same age, you seem so much more mature.
Eirika: Hardly…
Tana: It is you who even gave me the courage to leave the castle. I wanted to be out on my own, like you, to pattern my life after yours. I’m simply glad that we are friends.
Eirika: Me too, Tana. I’m glad you came. You help to remind me of better times.

B Support

Tana: Oh, Brother… I’m going to get you for this, Brother…
Eirika: What’s wrong, Tana? Has something happened to Innes?
Tana: My brother is so cruel! Listen to what he said to me! He told me that I was just in everyone’s way… He said I should just go back home to Frelia…
Eirika: Oh, dear…
Tana: I’m so depressed. He’s always like that, too. He just makes fun of me and insults me and teases me. I hate him so much!
Eirika: Tana, your brother has a strange way of showing his concern… But he IS concerned about you. You can see that, can’t you?
Tana: Yes, but…
Eirika: Even my brother gets angry at me when I put myself at risk, even for a good cause. Your brother is harsh and rough of speech, but he doesn’t want you to get hurt.
Tana: Well… I suppose you’re right.
Eirika: Why don’t we go speak with him later? I’ll be right beside you.
Tana: Ah…all right. But, Eirika… I still envy you.
Eirika: Me?
Tana: You and Ephraim as so close… You understand one another. It must be…so nice I wish my brother and I shared that kind of connection.
Eirika: Well, we are twins, you know. I think that makes us slightly different from normal siblings.
Tana: But you two never fight or anything, do you? How do you two maintain such a close relationship?
Eirika: I… Well… Isn’t that normal for twins?

A Support

Tana: Eirika, are you all right?
Eirika: I am, thank you, Tana. I always feel better when you’re around.
Tana: I’ve been wondering… Eirika, do you think I’ve grown stronger? I mean, stronger than when I was cooped up in the castle at least?
Eirika: Yes, of course you have.
Tana: Really?
Eirika: Tana, you should have more confidence in your abilities. If I had to rely on my own blade alone, I would not survive. But with you around, I know I can keep fighting.
Tana: You think? I guess I’m still not sure. Still, it is nice to hear you say that. Eirika, we’ll get through this, the two of us. And when we do, let’s sit together and just relax.
Eirika: Sure, Tana. But first, we’ll have to apologize to King Hayden.
Tana: Oh… Father… I wonder if he’s still mad.
Eirika: Yes, you probably should.
Tana: Say, Eirika. Could you…
Eirika: Of course… I understand. You and I will speak to him together. Don’t you worry.