Gilliam & Garcia

C Support

Garcia: Sir Gilliam.
Gilliam: Well, if it isn’t Garcia…
Garcia: Your armor suits you. Must have taken a lot of training to fight in it, eh? And it probably takes a lot of strength to wear, too.
Gilliam: I don’t want to brag, but… None of Frelia’s knights can match me for strength.
Garcia: Oh, is that so? You know, in my day, they said I was without equal. Hm… What do you say, Garcia? Let’s arm-wrestle!
Gilliam: You mean…right now?
Garcia: Oh, why not! It won’t take more than a minute.
Gilliam: … Very well. I accept your challenge.
Garcia: Excellent! I’d expect no less from a true knight! Let’s go.
Gilliam: All right…
Garcia: Hah!
Gilliam: Ng! …You beat me. Well, I’ve got to hand it to you, Garcia.
Garcia: Ha ha! Don’t feel bad. You almost had me for a minute there. I’m impressed!

B Support

Garcia: Sir Gilliam.
Gilliam: Yes, Garcia?
Garcia: About that match the other day…
Gilliam: What, you mean when we arm-wrestled? That was a GREAT match.
Garcia: Yes, well… I’ve been thinking. Now, if I remember it correctly, I was using my sword arm… But you’re left-handed, aren’t you? You were using your off hand.
Gilliam: Huh? Oh, well… I didn’t want to say anything, but…
Garcia: I knew it! All right! We have to have a rematch using our OTHER hands!
Gilliam: Garcia, are you– Fine, fine. I accept your challenge.
Garcia: Let’s try this again!
Gilliam: Yes…
Garcia: Hah!
Gilliam: Hmmmmm…!
Garcia: Hm… See, this time, you beat me.
Gilliam: True, but it WAS your off hand this time, and it was still close. Garcia, you really are amazing.
Garcia: Ha ha ha! You know, I feel good about this. I lost, but…I feel good. With a great knight like you at our side, we’ve nothing to fear.
Gilliam: Don’t be silly, Garcia. You’re an amazing fighter. With you in our midst, our forces are invincible!
Garcia: Ha! Let us fight together, then, and watch our enemies fall like leaves!
Gilliam: Gladly!

A Support

Gilliam: Garcia…
Garcia: ! Oh, Gilliam…
Gilliam: Sorry to bother you. You just seem to have something on your mind.
Garcia: I do. I was… I was just thinking about my son, Ross.
Gilliam: Ah, Ross. He’s a good lad.
Garcia: It’s…a wonderful feeling to have a son, Gilliam. I was so happy to learn I had a boy who could follow in my footsteps. Do you have children?
Gilliam: Oh, no… You know what the life of a soldier is like.
Garcia: Aye, I remember it well. But I still found a wife. Don’t you have anyone?
Gilliam: I– Well, to be honest… There is someone I’ve had my eye on, but what do soldiers know of love? I don’t know how to win a woman’s heart.
Garcia: Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, don’t take it too hard. These are tough times for romance. As time passes, the world will change. No, WE will change it. Wait for your time. When the world changes, people change. Soldiers change. Just wait.
Gilliam: …You’re right. When this war ends, I’ll be ready to face a different type of battle.
Garcia: Yes. And when you do wed, you must be sure to invite me and my boy. It will be a great celebration.
Gilliam: Yes, of course, my friend.