Gilliam & Moulder

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Moulder: Gilliam, did you hear something?
Gilliam: No, Moulder. I didn’t hear a thing.
Moulder: Was it just in my head? Hm. That can’t be good.
Gilliam: Moulder, you’ve been working yourself too hard. You should rest.
Moulder: No, I’m not tired in the slightest. I’m fine. I cannot believe you don’t hear it! Is something wrong with your ears?
Gilliam: Moulder, please. I know I’ve seen many battles, but I’m younger than you are. My hearing is fine.
Moulder: Then why can’t you hear it? I’m starting to worry about that noise.
Gilliam: Your ears are playing tricks on you.

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Moulder: There it was again! That sound I told you about. Gilliam, did you hear it?
Gilliam: Oh, not again. No, Moulder. I don’t hear anything.
Moulder: Is it really just me? Am I the only one who can hear it?
Gilliam: Maybe you should describe the sound to me. Is it a dull noise? A chirp? If it’s louder, I should be able to hear it.
Moulder: No, it’s nothing like that. It’s soft…a melody of some sort.
Gilliam: A melody? Are you saying someone is playing music during a battle? What kind of music? What sort of instrument is it?
Moulder: I can’t explain it. It’s so…heavenly.
Gilliam: Heavenly? You don’t suppose it’s some sort of…sign, do you?
Moulder: Gilliam, I would be happy if you didn’t say such things.
Gilliam: Oh, sorry. But, Moulder… You’re the one dedicated to spiritual matters. I wouldn’t be surprised if–
Moulder: I said enough of that, Gilliam. I must be imagining things. That’s all.
Gilliam: A melody only you can hear. Sounds mysterious to me.
Moulder: I agree. Especially because I can’t explain the cause. I must say, I’m worried. Gilliam… If something were to… happen, well… I’m counting on you.
Gilliam: Moulder, we’ve been friends for a decade and a half. I’ll protect you. Besides…it’s my duty as a Knight of Frelia.
Moulder: I know I can count on you, Gilliam. I know that better than any man. You have my gratitude.
Gilliam: Of course, Moulder.

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Gilliam: How are your ears today, Moulder? Can you still hear that melody?
Moulder: No, I haven’t heard it for a while. I guess it was a hallucination after all.
Gilliam: Regardless of the cause, I’m glad that you don’t hear it anymore.
Moulder: I’m relieved, too, but…I also miss it somewhat. The melody was haunting me, and I finally remember what it was.
Gilliam: And? What was the song?
Moulder: That was the music played at King Hayden’s coronation.
Gilliam: Frelia’s coronation hymn. Ah, I remember it well… It is a strong song, and Frelia’s knightly choir performed it well.
Moulder: I was the one who carried the crown to the throne. I was so nervous that I might drop it!
Gilliam: I remember that you were the one to bear that regal burden. I was a mere recruit, stuck in the back with the other whelps. You know, I remember now… Your hands shook like you were frozen!
Moulder: Yes, and then someone shouted, in a loud voice, “Get ahold of yourself, man!” The crown slipped, and I fumbled to catch it! I was so embarrassed.
Gilliam: I’m so sorry. I was young. You know, I felt so bad that I have spent years making it up to you. I acted before I thought. I’m sorry for all the embarrassment I caused.
Moulder: That’s right! I believe I met you the very next day. Aha! I’ve figured it out!
Gilliam: Figured what out?
Moulder: That melody–I could only hear it when I was with you. That means…
Gilliam: Yes?
Moulder: It was a sign. A sign from above that we must both return to the basics.
Gilliam: Return to the basics? What does– Ah. Of course.
Moulder: Yes. We must remember who we were and what drove us to join this cause.
Gilliam: I believe you are right…