L’Arachel & Dozla

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L’Arachel: Oh, I cannot believe it. There is something very wrong with this world.
Dozla: Hm?! What is it? What’s happened, Princess L’Arachel?
L’Arachel: Hello, Dozla. Listen to this. The other day, I paid a visit to a nearby village. I found something inconceivable there. Not one of them had ever heard of the beautiful banisher of darkness before.
Dozla: What?! Even with your anonymous campaign to rid the world of monstrosities? I cannot fathom how those people could be so uninformed!
L’Arachel: Last night, I was so distraught that I quite nearly drowned my pillow in tears. This will never do, Dozla. I must be more famous. The entire world must know of my legend. The troubadours must be made to sing my praises far and wide.
Dozla: And I’m sure they will!
L’Arachel: The five heroes who banished evil… My own sacred ancestor… Oh, to be like them… I so long to be praised by the masses, too.
Dozla: Gwah ha ha! And you shall be, Princess!
L’Arachel: But I get the feeling that we’re going to have to change our methodology. Appealing to the common people is of the utmost importance. First and foremost, we need a plan of action. A means to win their hearts. Please, Dozla, I want you to think of something, too.
Dozla: Gwah ha ha! Leave it to your trusted Dozla!

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L’Arachel: Dozla, have you thought of any good plans?
Dozla: Gwah ha ha! Prepare yourself for joy, Princess L’Arachel! I, Dozla, have come up with a plan of masterpiece proportions!
L’Arachel: Oh! That is good news! Don’t keep me waiting, Dozla. Let me hear it.
Dozla: Gwah ha! Here goes! All of the heroes from the dawn of time had two names, did they not? So what you need, Princess, is another name. Something with oomph!
L’Arachel: Oh, Dozla! What a splendid idea! An alias would make it easier for the people to remember me. Very well, Dozla, we must come up with a wonderful epithet for me.
Dozla: Hmm… Aha! It’s come to me, Princess L’Arachel! How do you like the sound of “the green-haired battle princess”?
L’Arachel: Um, no. I want something with more force. Something with more…impact. I’ve got it! What do you think of “the beautiful princess of peerless beauty”?!
Dozla: Oh! It’s fantastic! You’re amazing, Princess L’Arachel! What a splendid nickname!
L’Arachel: Of course it is. L’Arachel, “the beautiful princess of peerless beauty”! It has such a nice ring to it. Just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?
Dozla: Gwah ha!
L’Arachel: What we do now is vital to our success, Dozla. It wouldn’t do for me to ride about calling myself by my own nickname. It must be spread about in a nonchalant manner. Dozla, starting now, I want you to refer to me exclusively by my epithet, “L’Arachel, the beautiful princess of peerless beauty,” when you’re among the soldiers. And don’t forget to slip it into everyday conversation, too.
Dozla: Gwah ha ha! Understood, Princess L’Arachel!

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L’Arachel: How is it progressing, Dozla? Is it working?
Dozla: Gwah ha ha! You will be pleased, Princess L’Arachel! Just recently I saw a group of villagers together gossiping. They’d seen a suspicious young woman in fantastic garb riding around at night. And they called that enigmatic woman “the beautiful princess of peerless beauty”!
L’Arachel: Yes! They were most certainly talking about me then. At last, I am becoming known amongst the people of the land. Those three long trips I took around the area were worth the trouble.
Dozla: Gwah ha ha! You’re so right, Princess L’Arachel! There can be no doubt that the villagers were appropriately impressed.
L’Arachel: Yet I find it passing strange. How is it that no one has appeared to imitate me? The beautiful banisher of darkness was well enough known, after all. It’s only natural that someone somewhere would have aspired to be like me. The fact that no imitators have appeared has me very worried, I must say.
Dozla: Gwah ha ha! How right you are! But you are peerless, Princess L’Arachel, as your nickname says! It would be impossible for anyone to claim your beauty as her own!
L’Arachel: Well, that is true. It certainly was not easy for me, after all. Yet now, I am destined to be remembered in the future as a hero. I wonder how my legend will be passed on after I leave this earth. I am so looking forward to it. “The beautiful princess of peerless beauty,” L’Arachel… Ah… How enchanting. Already, I weep for the world that will one day be robbed of my beauty.
Dozla: Gwah ha ha!
L’Arachel: I must do something spectacular this battle to ensure my name is remembered. Let’s go, Dozla.
Dozla: Gwah ha ha! Ready as ever, Princess L’Arachel!