Lute & Knoll

C Support

Lute: ……
Knoll: Er…
Lute: ……
Knoll: Er, excuse me… If at all possible, uh…would you mind not stalking me like that?
Lute: You noticed, huh?
Knoll: What did you expect? You’ve been at my back for days. I can’t help but notice! What do you want from me?
Lute: Aaagh!
Knoll: Hey! What was that for?
Lute: You dodged, huh? I knew your presence would be dangerous to me.
Knoll: Hm? What do you mean by…
Lute: Gah!
Knoll: Stop! P-please! Stop!
Lute: You did it again. Hm. This isn’t good. Nobody else has dodged me twice.
Knoll: Wh-what are you saying–
Lute: You’re quick at escaping, too. You’re dangerous. I’m afraid I can’t let you threaten my natural superiority.

B Support

Knoll: You must be…
Lute: You must be Knoll. I’ve been researching you. I also plan to find out your Achilles’ heel before too long.
Knoll: …Why would you do something like that?
Lute: Because there’s no one better than me.
Knoll: I’m sorry?
Lute: I said there’s no one better than me. And if there is, I have to stop him. I can’t have you threatening my natural superiority here.
Knoll: Threatening your–
Lute: I’ve seen you. You use magic, and that makes you competition. And you use dark magic, which makes you the enemy of light.
Knoll: That’s a common misconception, actually, about dark mages. And besides, we’re allies here.
Lute: No, not until we make it clear who is superior.
Knoll: Oh, fine…
Lute: What, you think you’re better than me?
Knoll: I never said that! Look, we’re on the same side here. Does it matter who’s better?
Lute: Matter? Of course it matters! How could you possibly think it doesn’t? Personally, I think I’m clearly superior to you. Don’t you agree?
Knoll: Do what you like.
Lute: …… That was close. You were trying to trick me, huh? That’s dirty pool.
Knoll: …… What I’m saying is…
Lute: It’s not safe for me here. I must retreat…for now.
Knoll: ……

A Support

Lute: ……
Knoll: Lute…
Lute: Can I– I just wanted to say I’m…sorry.
Knoll: Gotten over yourself, have you?
Lute: No, but I’ve been watching you, and I’ve noticed something when you fight. Suffice it to say that I am now convinced that there’s no one better than me.
Knoll: I…see…
Lute: I must have miscalculated your abilities at first. I don’t know why I thought you could have been better. Anyway, I’m sorry that I overestimated your skills. Well, if you’ll excuse me.
Knoll: You know, I think you may have missed the point.
Lute: ……
Knoll: What seems to be the problem?
Lute: …No, nothing. See you…
Knoll: …Oh, hold on. Lute.
Lute: Yes?
Knoll: Why don’t you stay and chat for a moment? Now that I’m not a threat to you, we can relax and talk. If you don’t mind, of course…
Lute: Hm… All right. As long as we’re in agreement about who’s superior around here.