Ross & Garcia

C Support

Ross: Hmm…
Garcia: Ross.
Ross: Oh! Hi, Dad.
Garcia: What are you thinking about?
Ross: Nothing… Well, maybe just… What was Mom like?
Garcia: Your mother… Well… Where do I start? In many ways, she was very similar to Princess Eirika.
Ross: Princess Eirika?
Garcia: Yes. She was gentle, but also very strong. She could share others’ pain.
Ross: I see.
Garcia: What’s wrong? Do you miss her?
Ross: I was just thinking… When was the last time we visited her grave? Not since we left the village and started this journey… It’s been so long. She must be lonely…
Garcia: Ross…
Ross: When the bandits attacked the village, we had to leave. But Mom’s grave is still there.
Garcia: Yes.
Ross: Dad…
Garcia: Ross. Let’s go home when the war is over. To the village where Risa rests.
Ross: Dad…
Garcia: We can rebuild the village again, just the two of us. After all, that’s where we belong… You, me, and…your mother.
Ross: Yes! All right. But I’ll have to be a lot stronger to help with that. So we’d better start training, Dad!
Garcia: If you insist. Show me what you’ve got!

B Support

Ross: Eeeyeeergh!
Garcia: That all you got?
Ross: Awww! Mmmmgrrrr… Ha!
Garcia: Gah! Ha!
Ross: Gah… Wahhhhhh!!
Garcia: Hm?! Haaaah!
Ross: Whoa!
Garcia: All right… Good. That’s it for today.
Ross: Whew! Wow!
Garcia: Whew.
Ross: You’re so strong, Dad.
Garcia: Ha ha ha! You’re finally getting the hang of it, boy! Your stroke is heavier, and your swing has definitely improved.
Ross: Yes. I’ve been practicing all the time, even when I’m not in battle. Maybe someday, I’ll even surpass you!
Garcia: You’re getting stronger, no doubt about it. But I’m not going to LET you win. You’ll have to get there yourself.
Ross: Now you’re talking! The higher the hurdle, the bigger the reward. All right, I’m gonna go practice my swing! See you later, Dad!
Garcia: All right, boy. Risa, you’d be so happy. Ross has grown into a strong young man.

A Support

Garcia: Ross.
Ross: What is it, Dad?! Ow… Ow! Ow! What are you doing? That hurts! You’re crushing my shoulder!
Garcia: Ross…
Ross: What’s wrong, Dad?
Garcia: Ross… I’m going to be sentimental for a moment. Bear with me.
Ross: Huh?
Garcia: You may be almost grown, but you’re all I’ve got in this world. It’s true that your skills have improved, but don’t act foolishly.
Ross: Huh?
Garcia: There’s no greater tragedy than when a parent must bury his child. Do you see where I’m going with this?
Ross: Yes…I understand. It’s just weird to hear you talking like this… I guess I have been getting a big head. No one is invincible.
Garcia: Yes, that’s right. And when you start to think you are, that’s when you’re the most vulnerable.
Ross: I was just all puffed up when you said I had improved. I’ll be careful from now on. I haven’t told this to anyone, but I guess dads can see these things.
Garcia: No matter how old you get, you’ll always be my son.
Ross: Yes, and I’ll always look up to you!