Seth & Cormag

C Support

Cormag: You’re pretty good with a spear.
Seth: Thank you. I don’t think I’ve introduced myself. I’m the leader of the Knights of Renais–
Cormag: I know you. Of course I know you. You’re General Seth, the Silver Knight.
Seth: …Yes, that’s right. And you are Cormag, the renowned wyvern rider of Grado.
Cormag: If the legendary Silver Knight knows my name, I can’t be doing too bad, huh?
Seth: You and your brother, Glen, are famous even among the Knights of Renais. We have no wyvern riders in Renais, and your stories are favorites among the men. I’ve been watching your combat style since you joined our forces.
Cormag: Oh, is that so? Well, tell me: what do you think?
Seth: I’d love a chance to spar with you.
Cormag: Not a chance. I could never beat you.
Seth: So you say, but I can see in your eyes that you’ll never accept failure.
Cormag: Heh… And all this time, I thought you were just another loyal dullard. Guess I was wrong. We should chat some more sometime.
Seth: Yes, I think I’d like that. Perhaps once things have eased up. I’m looking forward to it, Cormag.
Cormag: Sure thing.

B Support

Cormag: Hey, Seth.
Seth: Ah, Cormag. Good timing. I had something I wanted to ask you. Your family, are they all soldiers?
Cormag: Why do you ask?
Seth: Your skill with the spear is amazing. Have you trained since you were a child?
Cormag: No, I come from a long line of dirt-poor farmers. I wielded a plough, not a spear. When we were kids, Glen and I had to chase birds and animals from our fields. We used sticks and stones, and I think that helped with our aim, to be honest.
Seth: Is that so… So why did you join the army?
Cormag: It’s a funny story, really. …The emperor’s caravan passed through our village one day. My brother and I watched the glorious procession from the top of a tree. Then, a stray dog started to harry the horses pulling the emperor’s carriage. We threw rocks to drive off the mutt, but some soldiers decided to arrest us.
Seth: Why? You were trying to help…
Cormag: Yes, well. We didn’t just hit the dog. We got a few of the soldiers as well.
Seth: Ah-ha… So, what happened next?
Cormag: Well, the emperor shows up in the room the soldiers had thrown us. He looks around and, in this very calm but stern voice, says to the soldiers: “What are you men doing, arresting mere children? They were trying to help!” Then, he invites us to dine at his table, and it was a luxurious feast, I tell you! Now, we were just kids. We lacked the basic courtesies. We were just filthy. And we kept droning on about the most idiotic things: chores, the village… But he listened to us intently, and that fatherly smile never left his face. And he said, “You lads are good at driving off dogs with stones… Your skills are wasted in the fields. Let’s see how you fare with spears instead.”
Seth: And that’s how you were recruited.
Cormag: Exactly. It’s difficult to ignore such a commanding presence. But…the emperor changed. I still can’t believe what’s happened.
Seth: …I was born into a family of knights, so it was a given that I should be one, too. I trained in spear and sword. I studied chivalry and swore my oaths of fealty. And because of my hard work, the late King Fado treated me like a second son. …It’s funny. You and I are from different worlds, but we share the same loyalties.
Cormag: True… But King Fado is dead now. And my emperor is the one who killed him… My emperor is as good as dead to me.
Seth: …I already serve a new lord. Cormag, you will find a ruler worthy of your loyalties, too.
Cormag: Yeah, I hope so…

A Support

Seth: Can I have a word with you, Cormag?
Cormag: Oh, Seth. Of course. What can I do for you?
Seth: I’ve been thinking about your story, and I’ve come to a decision.
Cormag: Hm? What are you talking about?
Seth: …Cormag, listen. As general of the Knights of Renais, I’d like to offer you a post.
Cormag: What? You want me to join the Knights of Renais?
Seth: Yes, exactly. I’ve been watching you fight, and I’ve been thinking about this for some time. Since we’ve been speaking, I’ve seen more than just your fighting prowess. I’ve seen that you’re a strong and noble person as well. You are a man I would risk my life fighting beside. Prince Ephraim will be a great king. Would you fight for him with me?
Cormag: I really appreciate it. Thanks, Seth. But…Grado is my home. I can’t trade loyalties to Renais just like that.
Seth: …I knew you would say that.
Cormag: Emperor Vigarde is my only lord. My duty now is to correct the mistakes he has made. That’s why I’m here. I hope you can understand.
Seth: Yes, of course… Still, I’m glad that I met you.
Cormag: Same here, Seth. Now, let’s get this war over with, shall we?
Seth: Yes, and when it’s done, we’ll get together and tell some stories.
Cormag: I’m looking forward to it!