Tethys & Rennac

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Rennac: Are you Tethys, the dancer who captivates all audiences?
Tethys: Who are you?
Rennac: Oh, you don’t know me? That’s so disappointing. I am Rennac of Carcino. I beg your indulgence…
Tethys: It’s a pleasure to meet you, Rennac. However, I’m a bit busy at the moment. Perhaps we could talk another time.
Rennac: Is that so? Very well then. Another day.
Tethys: Yes.
Rennac: And perhaps I could have you dance for me and me alone.
Tethys: Hm? I will of course dance if you ask, but… For you and you alone? Are you perhaps attempting to woo me? If that’s the case, you should stop. I’ve…
Rennac: No, no, that’s not what I was intending at all. Yet many women who say they’re not interested end up in my arms all the same.
Tethys: Well, if that’s the case, maybe I’ll keep my eye on you. If you turn out to be such a catch, I may rethink my stance.
Rennac: It’s a deal then. I ask that you observe my conduct closely. Good day.
Tethys: Oh, dear… I think he took me seriously. I hope he doesn’t get his hopes up too high.

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Rennac: Ah, the beauteous Tethys. It’s a pleasure to see you again. Well? Have I made an impression on you yet?
Tethys: Well… You seem to be…unobjectionable. Yet you’ve a long way to go, I think.
Rennac: That’s a bit severe, isn’t it? Is there something specific you desire?
Tethys: Oh, well…perhaps you could bring me something?
Rennac: Bring you something? A gift, is that it? Very well. What shall it be?
Tethys: Um…

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Tethys: Oh.
Rennac: Tethys. I’ve been looking for you. You haven’t been avoiding me, have you?
Tethys: Oh, of course not. Hee hee…
Rennac: The object you spoke of the other day? I have it here. Please take a look.
Tethys: Um. Oh, yes. That. Of course.
Rennac: You forgot what you asked for, didn’t you?
Tethys: That’s, that’s…not true.
Rennac: OK, then take a look. Here it is.
Tethys: Ooh…
Rennac: What do you think?
Tethys: It’s nice. Very pretty.
Rennac: It’s as big as a fist. Notice how the red, white, and blue colors play across the surface of the gems.
Tethys: It really exists.
Rennac: Did you say something?
Tethys: No, nothing. Pay me no mind.
Rennac: Well, I brought it to you as promised. So this proves that I’m worthy, does it not?
Tethys: Yes. I now realize that despite your appearance, you’re a very hard worker. Does that make you a good catch? Hmm…I’m still not convinced.
Rennac: Really? How disappointing. Is there something else you desire?
Tethys: Let me see… There is this…