Vanessa & Innes

C Support

Innes: Vanessa, are you all right?
Vanessa: Prince Innes! Yes, I’m fine. I’m glad YOU are fine, sir.
Innes: Good, Vanessa. Your contributions to this war and also to Frelia as a whole have been very valuable.
Vanessa: Thank you for your kind words, sir. I was so worried when a messenger from Carcino told us you were in danger. I worried for your safety. Nothing is going to happen to me. It’s still very strange to me that you are grown up and worry about me now. When you first joined the knights, you were just a girl.
Innes: You’ve really grown, Vanessa.
Vanessa: Well, um… I’m still learning.
Innes: You are a great knight now. I’m counting on you, Vanessa.
Vanessa: Yes. I’ll protect you at any cost.
Innes: Ha ha ha! Vanessa, you don’t need to protect me. It’s the other way around. As the prince of Frelia, I have the duty to protect you.
Vanessa: Oh, yes! I didn’t mean to offend!
Innes: Pshaw! But remember, I am counting on you.
Vanessa: Thank you, Prince!

B Support

Vanessa: Your skills are so polished now! I bet you could shoot down a drop of rain!
Innes: You flatter me, Vanessa, but my skills aren’t quite there yet. But I’ve noticed that you have improved quite a bit since this war started.
Vanessa: Oh! Thank you, sir.
Innes: You make me confident in battle.
Vanessa: Me?! Oh… Er…
Innes: Yes, you! With such a skilled knight at my side, I feel secure and can be my best in battle.
Vanessa: Oh…
Innes: Besides…
Vanessa: Yes?
Innes: I can always sense you trying to protect me at any cost. Normally, I don’t need any help, but you are the exception. I’m grateful for your help.
Vanessa: Thank you very much! It is my duty to protect you at any cost!
Innes: Ha ha ha. Your duty, huh. That’s fine, Vanessa. No need to worry about risking your life. I’m pretty unstoppable with you beside me.
Vanessa: You’ll have to use a spatula to peel me off your side!

A Support

Innes: What’s wrong? You’re spacing out.
Vanessa: I’m sorry, Prince Innes! Watching you shoot that arrow reminded me of something.
Innes: What’s that?
Vanessa: The time you demonstrated your archery skills at the king’s birthday ceremony. You shot three arrows simultaneously, and hit three different targets… I was so impressed. I still remember that moment like it was yesterday.
Innes: Well, even though there were three targets, they were only about an arm length apart. It wasn’t like shooting three enemies in battle. It’s only an exhibition trick.
Vanessa: Even so, you couldn’t have done it without strong accuracy and concentration. It made a very strong impression on me… I’ve admired your skills ever since then.
Innes: Vanessa… Was it my skills you were admiring… or was it me?
Vanessa: What?! Um…
Innes: Just kidding… Kind of. But I’m impressed you remembered it. I had forgotten until just now.
Vanessa: I have…always been watching you… and always been admiring you… I hope that doesn’t sound too creepy.
Innes: I don’t know what to say… I’ve always known you as a knight. A great knight, in fact. But when this war is over, I would like to get to know the other side of you. The woman. …Ahem. Yes. Let’s go, Vanessa. Don’t ever leave my side from now on!
Vanessa: Don’t worry, Prince Innes! I would follow you anywhere!