Hints and Secrets

Credits: Pegasus Knight

Elite Mode

At the loading screen, choose New Game. Before choosing an empty file, quickly press the following button combination:

Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Right

If done successfully you should hear a chime. Now press B to cancel and you should see a new option called Elite Mode. Select that and choose an empty file.

Now when you play that file, all the characters will have a hidden Elite skill. If a character already has Elite (either as a personal skill or from the weapon), the effect will stack and the character can gain x4 EXP. Elite Mode has no other effects besides those stated.

Sound Room

To unlock this you must first beat the game with a Ranking of A or above. You should then see an option called Sound Room at the loading screen.

Lara the Dancer

During Chapter 12x, Lara can promote to a Dancer by talking to Pahn-however Pahn must still be an enemy for this to work (after the talk, Pahn will be recruited). Also, while Lara is a Dancer (and when she’s Level 10 or higher), you can use the Knight Proof on her to promote her to a Thief Fighter (again if she was already a Thief Fighter before becoming a Dancer).

Mareeta’s Shooting Star

During Chapter 15, Shanam will appear as a reinforcement towards the north of the map. He will try and leave the map to the north. Before he leaves, have Mareeta talk to him and she will learn the Shooting Star skill.

Member Card

To obtain the Member Card, during Chapter 18, all 16 Lenster Soldiers must survive until the chapter’s end. This can be tricky to achieve but, if successful, you will obtain the Member Card at the end of the chapter.

Linoan’s Promotion

To promote Linoan, you need to make her visit the church in Chapter 21 (the one towards the north east). Make sure no other character visits it beforehand, or Linoan won’t be able to visit it.

Rescue Captured Allies

If any allies were captured, or failed to escape a chapter, during or before Chapter 21, there is still hope left for them. During Chapter 21x, the captured allies will reappear and you can attempt to save them. The actual chapter is pretty troublesome though. Any characters captured after this point are lost forever.

Secret Shop

In Chapter 24, to the far north east of the map there is an isolated room with a door (which can only be reached using a Warp or Rewarp staff). The space blocked by the door leads to a secret shop where you can buy: Luck Ring, Speed Ring, Skill Ring, Power Ring and Shield Ring. To enter the secret shop, have a character with the Member Card move onto the secret shop tile.

Easy Secret Shop Access

The amount of stat boosters you can buy from the secret shop is limited by many Warp or Rewarp staves that you have… but there is a glitch to get around this.

First you need a character with a Rewarp or Warp staff and a Member Card. Use your staff and hover directly over the secret shop tile (the door over the secret shop doesn’t have to be open). Instead of clicking A to teleport a character or the user there, press B to cancel. You should now see the Secret Shop option. Happy purchasing~

Thieves Level Up

To easily (but tediously) level up thieves, find an enemy that you can steal from and steal all their weapons so that they are harmless. Then open the steal option again, and give them an useless item such as a Vulnerary and on your next turn steal it back. Each time you “steal” you will gain 10 EXP. You can keep repeating this process to get as much EXP as you want.

Elite Sword Level Up

To make the best (but tedious) use of the Elite Sword, have a character equip the Elite Sword, but don’t make them fight with it. Instead have them continuously dodge a weak enemy. Keep repeating this for as much EXP as you want.

Enhanced Thief Staff

Before making Tina use the Thief staff, have her use a Pure Water. This will increase her Magic by 7 points initially, which can help the Thief staff to steal practically anything in the game (providing Tina’s own Magic is relatively high).

Steal the Loputo Sword

You will need Tina and a Thief. Have a Thief “steal” from Leidrick and give Leidrick a bow. Force Leidrick to use the bow by placing a character two tiles way from him so that he unequips his Loputo Sword. Finally have Tina use her Thief staff to steal the Loputo Sword. Only Leidrick and Ains can use the Loputo Sword, but it does make an interesting souvenir, right?

Gold Transfer

First you need an existing file- choose the one with the most gold. Start the file and suspend the game. When you return to the loading screen, instead of clicking on Resume, click on New Game and start a new game file. You should notice that the new game will have the gold from the suspended file!