Credits: Pegasus Knight

Icon Skill Effect Activation Characters
Wrath Wrath Always critical on counters (effect decreased with Ambush) 100% Othin, Brighton, Miranda, Sara, Xavier
Prayer Prayer If the enemy’s attack will KO the user, user has 100% avoid (Luck x 3)% Fin, Eyrios, Sara
Elite Elite Receive 2x Experience (4x in Elite Mode) 100% Homeros, Sara
Big Shield Big Shield Negates the enemy’s attack (Level)% Xavier
Dance Dance Lets an ally move again 100%
Charisma Charisma Allied units within a 3 tile radius receive +10 accuracy and avoid 100% Nanna, Delmud
Moonlight Moonlight Sword Negates the enemy’s defences, always hits (Skill)% Mareeta, Galzus
Sunlight Sun Sword Restore HP equal to damage done to enemy, always hits (Skill)% Shiva, Pahn, Eyrios
Duel Charge Initiates another round of combat if user’s Attack Speed and HP are greater than the enemy’s 100% Dagda, Selphina, Xavier, Conomore
Steal Steal Can steal weapons and items if user’s Speed is greater than enemy’s Speed and user’s Build is greater than the item’s Weight 100% Rifis, Lara, Pahn
Awareness Awareness Negates enemy’s battle skills 100% Trewd, Cyas
Bargain Bargain Buy items for half price 100% Shanam
Ambush Ambush Always attack first 100% Machua, Halvan, Pahn
Life Life Recover 10~20% HP each turn 100%
Shooting Star Shooting Star Sw Initiates 5 consecutive hits (Skill)% Galzus
Continue Continue Initiates another hit (Attack Speed)% Leaf, Ronan, Asvel, Amalda, Evayle, Sety, Shanam