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You and the Enigmatic Girl

Image Name Voice Actor Notes
Byleth (default name) Yūsuke Kobayashi (male), Shizuka Ito (female) Originally a mercenary-for-hire, but after their power awakened, they became a professor at the officer’s academy. Their mother passed away and they lived with their father, who once served as the Knights of Seiros’s leader. Can be male or female. Their signature weapon seems to be the golden blade.
Sothis Tomoyo Kurosawa An enigmatic girl who saved the protagonist during that fateful night. She only appears inside the protagonist’s mind, so only the protagonist knows of her existence. Lost her memory. Somehow connected to the golden blade. She has pointy ears and green hair, reminiscent of Archanea’s Divine Dragons.

Adrestian Empire / Black Eagles

Image Name Voice Actor Notes
Edelgard Ai Kakuma Full name Edelgard von Hresvelg. The next Emperor of the Adrestian Empire and the House Leader of the Black Eagles. She’s a talented woman with a responsible and dignified air to her. She seems to favour the axe.
Hubert Katsuyuki Konishi Full name Hubert von Bestla. The strategist of the Black Eagles. He’s the eldest child from Marquess Bestla’s family and has served Edelgard from a young age. He’ll use any means necessary to eliminate her obstacles. According to Edelgard, he’s a cool-headed and rational person. Spotted wielding Reason magic. Also participates in a Gambit Boost.
Dorothea Juri Nagatsuma Full name Dorothea Arnold. A female student who was a popular songstress in the imperial capital before she enrolled. She admires Manuela, who came from the same Mittelfrank opera company, as her senior. Within the Black Eagles, she’s the only commoner, which makes her feel uneasy, but she treats all of her similarly aged friends as equals. Seen having a study session with Byleth.
Ferdinand ??? Seen in the background when Edelgard is showing off her lovely crest. Later found dueling Sylvain. Seems to start off as a lance user.
Bernadetta ??? Hiding underneath a book when Edelgard is flashing her crest around. Looks to be a bow user at the beginning.
Petra ??? A purple-haired girl unleashing a possibly rigged critical hit. Definitely a Black Eagle. Maybe a sword user to begin with.
Linhardt ??? The son of Lyn and Reinhardt. Again, seen with the Black Eagles. Adept with Reason and Faith magic. But doesn’t excel at Riding. So a fraud.
Caspar ??? What’s Akihiko from Persona 3 doing here? Regardless, he seems to enjoy fighting with his fists. Also likes Axes.

Holy Kingdom of Faerghus / Blue Lions

Image Name Voice Actor Notes
Dimitri Kaito Ishikawa Full name Dimitri Alexander Blaiddyd. Prince of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and House Leader of the Blue Lions. A courteous and refreshing young man who embodies chivalry, yet he carries a shadow. He is often seen brandishing a lance.
Dedue Hidenori Takahashi Full name Dedue Molinaro. A commoner born in the Daska region, to the kingdom’s north-west, and Dimitri’s servant. He owes a great debt to Dimitri and is determined to protect him at the cost of his own life. Because he’s a bit scary-looking and quiet, many people don’t realise he’s actually a gentle and nice young man. He’s seen sparring with Dimitri, using an axe.
Felix * Yuichi Hose Full name Felix Hugo Fraldarius. The eldest child of Duke Fraldarius. He has a mean attitude, calling his childhood buddy Dimitri a “boar”. He’s sarcastic and fashions himself a lone wolf, but he takes his sword training seriously, so much that he’ll instantly challenge any strong person to a bout. He’s seen sparring with Dimitri, using a sword.
Annette ??? A girl with short orange hair. She is seen next to Ashe.
Mercedes ??? A girl who seems to be friends with Anette; Anette calls her “Mercie”. She appears to be a sword wielder in the debut trailer.
Sylvain ??? Full name Sylvain Jose Gautier. When he’s speaking to Byleth, Ashe and Dedue are in the background.
Ashe ??? A boy with grey hair who can use a bow. At one point, he seems to be speaking with Dedue.
Ingrid ??? A girl with blonde hair who wields a lance. She appears in the background when Anette is speaking to Byleth. Also seen dining with Ashe.

Leicester Alliance / Golden Deer

Image Name Voice Actor Notes
Claude Toshiyuki Toyonaga Full name Claude von Riegan. The son of the noble family that rules the Leicester Alliance. House Leader of the Golden Deer. A young man who’s sociable and smiles. He has the look of a person who carefully considers things and possesses a keen insight. His weapon of choice seems to be the bow.
Lorenz Hiroshi Watanabe Full name Lorenz Hermann Gloucester. The eldest son of Duke Gloucester’s family. He’s a serious fellow despite his snobbishness and he’s aware of his pride and responsibility as a noble. Apparently, he’s been approaching several females at the monastery, with limited success. He looks stern in Claude’s strategy meeting. When showing the time-rewind feature, he’s the sorry sap that gets floored.
Hilda Yūki Kuwahara Full name Hilda Valentin Goneril. The only daughter of Duke Goneril. Since she was pampered by her father and older brother, she tends to slack off, and is good at acting cute and buttering people up. She has a easy-going and frivolous manner, and is a typical “nobleman’s daughter”. Adores fashionable and glamorous things. Looking bored in Claude’s a strategy meeting. Wields a bow in the debut trailer.
Raphael ??? A well-built man who appears in the background when Claude is planning a strategy meeting. Often known to carry an axe.
Leonie ??? A girl with short orange hair who’s wielding a bow when Claude is planning a strategy meeting. But doesn’t mind swinging an axe either.
Ignace * ??? A lad with glasses who’s participating in Claude’s strategy meeting. Seen wielding a bow at one point.
Lysithea * ??? She is seen healing Hilda in battle, despite being equipped with Reason and not Faith magic.
Marianne * ??? She is seen standing near female Byleth in battle, wielding Faith magic.

Church of Seiros / Officer’s Academy

Image Name Voice Actor Notes
Rhea Kikuko Inoue The archbishop and supreme ruler of the Church of Seiros, since the time Jeralt was in the Knights of Seiros. She recognises the protagonist’s potential and invites them to the officer’s academy. Although she’s like a kind and loving mother, she has a harsh side that passes judgement on those who oppose the church.
Manuela * Sachiko Kojima An ex-songstress who once stood at the pinnacle of the Mittelfrank opera company in the imperial capital. Now she’s a teacher and doctor in the officer’s academy. She’s been seen on the academy grounds lamenting her inability to find the man of her dreams. She’s a bit boorish, but is friendly to her new colleague, the protagonist. She seems to be the mage raining down fireballs in this battle scene.
Hanneman * Kenji Hamada A teacher who’s also researching the “crests” bestowed by the Goddess. He’s usually calm, but when it comes to the crests, he can get absorbed and forget everything. It’s hard for him to contain his curiousity, especially towards the unknown crest that the protagonist bears. Doesn’t really get along with his colleague, Manuela. Seen teaching students magic. He may be the tome wielder from here.
??? ??? A man seen standing to the side of Rhea. Perhaps an adjutant of some kind. Also featured in the Seasons of Warfare calendar.

Knights of Seiros

Image Name Voice Actor Notes
Jeralt Akio Ōtsuka A legendary figure considered the strongest knight in all of history. He was invited to the monastery alongside the protagonist and re-joined the Knights of Seiros. Somehow stays alive long enough to deliver you to the Garreg Mach Monastery.

Other / Unknown

Image Name Voice Actor Notes
Seiros? ??? A serene and undeterred woman standing in the middle of a violent battleground. She’s later clutching a golden sword previously used by the enemy. It’s possible that she’s the Divine Seiros who founded the church and helped establish the Adrestian Empire. She bears a strong resemblance to Rhea, the current church leader.
Nemesis? ??? A powerful, warrior-like figure brandishing a golden sword that doubles as a chain. He appears in the debut trailer, devastating the forces of Seiros. It’s possible he may be Nemesis the Liberation King, Seiros’s arch-enemy. He wears the same crest as Byleth on the back of his cape.
Kostas ??? A brigand wanted by the Knights of Seiros. Seeing attacking Byleth during the night.
??? ??? An evil-looking man, probably up to evil-sounding deeds.
??? ??? A mysterious figure wearing a plague doctor’s mask, casting some kind of fire magic. Hard to say if it’s a unique character or a generic foe.
??? ??? A swordswoman leaping through the air, wielding a flaming sword.
Anna ??? Last but not least, the series’s mascot.