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You and the Enigmatic Girl

Image Name Voice Actor Notes
Byleth (default name) Yūsuke Kobayashi (male), Shizuka Ito (female) Originally a member of a mercenary band led by their father, Jeralt. However when they rescued students from the Officer’s Academy from bandits, their unique power was recognised and they were invited to become a teacher at the Garreg-Mach Monastery. Can be male or female. Their signature weapon seems to be the Sword of Creation. Also possesses a mysterious crest.
Sothis Tomoyo Kurosawa An enigmatic being that appeared in the protagonist’s dreams. After saving the protagonist with the power to rewind time, she speaks to them as if she’s inside their head, yet nobody else can see or hear her. She has no recollection of her identity and has the body of a young girl, but the tone of an old lady. Somehow connected to the Sword of Creation. Her appearance is reminiscent of the Manakete.

Adrestian Empire / Black Eagles

Image Name Voice Actor Notes
Edelgard Ai Kakuma Full name Edelgard von Hresvelg. The imperial princess of the Adrestian Empire–a mighty nation with a rich history–and its next emperor. Within the Black Eagles, she’s the house leader. She has an extremely noble and dignified air to her, and is able to calmly assess and act upon the situation and the people around her. She seems to favour the axe.
Hubert Katsuyuki Konishi Full name Hubert von Bestla. The strategist of the Black Eagles. He’s the heir of Marquess Bestla’s family and has served Edelgard from a young age. He’ll use any means necessary to eliminate her obstacles. According to Edelgard, he’s a cool-headed and rational person. Spotted wielding Reason magic. Also participates in a Gambit Boost.
Dorothea Juri Nagatsuma Full name Dorothea Arnold. A female student who was a popular songstress in the imperial capital before she enrolled. She admires Manuela, who came from the same Mittelfrank opera company, as her senior. Within the Black Eagles, she’s the only commoner, which makes her feel uneasy, but she treats all of her similarly aged friends as equals. Seen having a study session with Byleth.
Ferdinand Taito Ban Full name Ferdinand von Aegir. The heir of Duke Aegir’s family–a renowned family where the title of imperial chancellor is passed down. He’s very proud of his own family because of its importance and influence. Extremely confident and hates to lose. Princess Edelgard’s brilliance ignites a sense of rivalry within him. Found dueling Sylvain. Seems to start off as a lance user.
Bernadetta Ayumi Tsuji Full name Bernadetta von Varley. The only daughter of Count Varley’s family. She’s abnormally shy and, while she’s far from home, her one safe haven is her room in the dormitory. Except for during lectures, she tends to confine herself to her room, devoting herself to her pastimes. Hiding underneath a book when Edelgard is flashing her crest around. Looks to be a bow user at the beginning.
Caspar Satoru Murakami Full name Caspar von Bergliez. The second son of Count Bergliez’s family. Since he’s not in line to succeed his family, he decided to train at the Officer’s Academy to become a successful martial artist. His quick temper is his only flaw; otherwise he has a keen sense of justice that despises lies and injustice, and is a honest and straightforward guy. Seems to be Brawler material.
Petra Shizuka Ishigami Full name Petra McNairy. The granddaughter of the king of the Brigid Isles, a group of islands located west from Fódlan’s shores. Because Brigid is a vassal of the empire, as a symbol of loyalty, she was sent from her homeland to study abroad at the Officer’s Academy. She’s unaccustomed to the spoken language of Fódlan, but she is trying her best to learn. Maybe a sword user to begin with.
Linhardt Shun Horie Full name Linhardt von Hevring. The heir of Count Hevring’s family. He prefers freedom over restriction; one could also call him incredibly lazy, as despite his brilliant mind, he’s always sleepy. However, he has a keen interest in crest research, to the point that he’ll forget to eat or sleep. Although he and Caspar have very different tastes and personalities, they somehow get along. Adept with Reason and Faith.

Holy Kingdom of Faerghus / Blue Lions

Image Name Voice Actor Notes
Dimitri Kaito Ishikawa Full name Dimitri Alexander Blaiddyd. The next king of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, the realm of noble knights, and the house leader of the Blue Lions. He’s a sincere young man who embodies chivalry, but at times, a faint shadow can be felt behind his cheeriness. He is often seen brandishing a lance.
Dedue Hidenori Takahashi Full name Dedue Molinaro. A commoner born in the Daska region, to the kingdom’s north-west, and Dimitri’s servant. He owes a great debt to Dimitri and is determined to protect him at the cost of his own life. Because he’s a bit scary-looking and quiet, many people don’t realise he’s actually a gentle and nice young man. He’s seen sparring with Dimitri, using an axe.
Felix Yuichi Hose Full name Felix Hugo Fraldarius. The heir of Duke Fraldarius’s famlily. He has a mean attitude, calling his childhood buddy Dimitri a “boar”. He’s sarcastic and fashions himself a lone wolf, but he takes his sword training seriously, so much that he’ll instantly challenge any strong person to a bout. He’s seen sparring with Dimitri, using a sword. One of the few major crest bearers.
Mercedes Yumiri Hanamori Full name Mercedes von Maltritz. A kind woman who carefully observes her surroundings and cannot ignore people in need. She’s a former imperial noble, but now lives as a commoner in the kingdom. Earlier, she was enrolled in the royal capital’s magic academy. Claims to be a “little older” than the other students. Appears to be friends with Annette. A bow wielder in more recent screenshots.
Ashe Yūki Inoue Full name Ashe Duran. The adopted son of Lord Lonato, ruler of Gaspard Castle within the kingdom. He feels immense gratitude and respect for Sir Lonato, who adopted him as a child despite being a commoner and allowed him to enroll in the Officer’s Academy. He’s a serious young man who studies and trains diligently to become an admirable adult like his adoptive father. Can handle a bow.
Annette Takako Tanaka Full name Annette Fantine Dominic. The niece of Baron Dominic. She graduated from the Magic Academy in the Royal Capital with flying colours. She’s cheerful and hard-working, but she can often waste her energy and end up nowhere. Mercedes is a close friend of hers from her Magic Academy days; the pair call each other “Mercie” and “Ann”. She appears to be a Reason wielder.
Sylvain Makoto Furukawa Full name Sylvain Jose Gautier. The heir of the remote earldom of Gautier. He values his friends, and is widely looked up as a dependable “big brother” by the other classmates. Yet at the same time, he’s a hopeless womaniser who loves flirting with girls, which causes him no end of trouble. He had an older brother who was disowned because he lacked a crest. Seems to like lances.
Ingrid Manaka Iwami Full name Ingrid Brundle Galatea. A lady from Count Galatea’s family; Dimitri, Felix, Sylvain and her are all childhood friends. Seeing her serious attitude and admiration of virtuous knights, Dimitri would always say “you’re more of a knight than you think”. However, once she lays eyes on delicious food, she’d forget everything. Also favours lances.

Leicester Alliance / Golden Deer

Image Name Voice Actor Notes
Claude Toshiyuki Toyonaga Full name Claude von Riegan. He’s the heir of the renowned Riegan family, which heads the Leicester Alliance, a new power formed by the nobility. Serves as the house leader of the Golden Deer. While he’s memorable for his sociable smile and easy-going attitude, he also harbours a cunning side, calling himself “someone unable to trust”. His weapon of choice seems to be the bow.
Lorenz Hiroshi Watanabe Full name Lorenz Hermann Gloucester. The heir of Count Gloucester’s family. He’s a serious fellow despite his snobbishness and he’s aware of his pride and responsibility as a noble. Apparently, he’s been approaching several females at the monastery, with limited success. He looks stern in Claude’s strategy meeting. When showing the time-rewind feature, he’s the sorry sap that gets floored.
Hilda Yūki Kuwahara Full name Hilda Valentin Goneril. The only daughter of Duke Goneril. Since she was pampered by her father and older brother, she tends to slack off, and is good at acting cute and buttering people up. She has a easy-going and frivolous manner, and is a typical “nobleman’s daughter”. Adores fashionable and glamorous things. Looking bored in Claude’s a strategy meeting. Wields a bow in the debut trailer.
Raphael Takaki Ôtomari Full name Raphael Kirsten. The son of a merchant from Leicester. Both of his parents died in an accident and he’s been through a lot, but he’s an optimistic fellow who’s only concerned about what’s on the menu and his daily muscle-building to become an exemplary knight. That said, he doesn’t seem interested in lectures. Often known to carry an axe.
Aoi Yūki
Full name Lysithea von Cordelia. The eldest daughter of Count Cordelia’s family. She’s the youngest student enrolled this year, at 15 years of age. She’s a child prodigy who excels at magic, yet she’s a hard worker who doesn’t make a fuss about her talent. Despite that, she still has a childish side, not wanting to be seen as a child and having a fear of ghosts. She seems to specialise in Reason magic.
Ignatz Shogo Yano Full name Ignatz Victor. The second son of a merchant family within the Leicester Alliance. His older brother is set to take over the family business, so his parents wished for him to enter the Officer’s Academy, although deep down there are other things he’d rather be doing. He’s a kind-hearted person who loves beautiful natural scenery and art. Seen wielding a bow at one point.
Marianne Sawako Hata Full name Marianne von Edmund. The adopted daughter of the earl of the remote Edmund territory. She tends not to associate with others, so there many people who have yet to hear her voice. On the other hand, she adores birds and animals and can talk very openly to them. She is extremely devout and offers prayers to the Goddess everyday. Naturally, she excels in Faith magic.
Leonie Sakura Nogawa Full name Leonie Pinelli. A hunter’s daughter from Samhain, within the alliance. To become a money-making mercenary, she entered the Officer’s Academy with money loaned from her village. She trains hard and lives frugally every day, so she can repay her village’s money and goodwill. She calls Jeralt, who motivated her to become a mercenary, her master and claims that she’s his top student.

Church of Seiros / Officer’s Academy

Image Name Voice Actor Notes
Rhea Kikuko Inoue The archbishop and supreme ruler of the Church of Seiros, since the time Jeralt was in the Knights of Seiros. She recognises the protagonist’s potential and invites them to the officer’s academy. Although she’s like a kind and loving mother, she has a harsh side that passes judgement on those who oppose the church. Can give faculty training.
Manuela Sachiko Kojima Full name Manuela Cazagranda. An ex-songstress who once stood at the pinnacle of the Mittelfrank opera company in the imperial capital. Now she’s a teacher and doctor in the officer’s academy. She’s been seen lamenting her inability to find the man of her dreams. She’s a bit boorish, but is friendly to her new colleague, the protagonist. Maybe starts as a Priest. She’s fighting in this battle scene.
Hanneman Kenji Hamada Full name Hanneman von Esser. A teacher who’s also researching the “crests” bestowed by the Goddess. He’s usually calm, but when it comes to the crests, he can get absorbed and forget everything. It’s hard for him to contain his curiousity, especially towards the unknown crest that the protagonist bears. Doesn’t really get along with his colleague, Manuela. Probably a Mage to start with.
Seteth Takehito Koyasu Assistant to the Archbishop of the Church of Seiros. He’s somebody who values order and discipline; although he respects Rhea’s unprecedented decision to invite the protagonist to the Officer’s Academy, nonetheless he remains wary towards them. He dotes on his young sister Flayn and many of his concerns relate to her, but he can seem a little overprotective. Probably a Wyvern Rider initially.
Flayn Yuko Ono The younger sister of Seteth, the Archbishop’s assistant. She resides in the monastery, although she’s not a student. She has a calm personality and is carefree towards others, but she can often behave eccentrically when her curiousity takes hold, much to the concern of her older brother. Apparently a Priest.
Jeritza * Atsushi Imaruoka A teacher within the Officer’s Academy. He’s a sword instructor who’s main job is to train others. He dislikes involving himself with others, even straight out rejecting those who try to start an idle conversation with him. He’s a man of many mysteries, but when considering his role as the students’ trainer, his sword skills are undeniable.
Tomas Shinya Fukumatsu A man who’s been serving as an archivist at Garreg Mach Monastery for over 40 years. Besides the books within the library, he’s well versed with the monastery’s happenings throughout the years. He’s also a devout follower of the Church of Seiros. Seen hanging around the stable.
Cyril Kengo Kawanishi A young boy who acts as one of Archbishop Rhea’s servants. He feels indebted towards Rhea for rescuing him from his troubled life as a war orphan. He takes his work at the monastery extremely seriously, to the point that he gives off a cold impression. To help out Rhea, he studied archery under Shamir. Likes Pickled Rabbit Skewers. Starts as a Commoner.

Knights of Seiros

Image Name Voice Actor Notes
Jeralt Akio Ōtsuka The protagonist’s father. He’s a veteran warrior who once served as captain of the Knights of Seiros and regarded as the strongest knight in history. After leaving the knights, he continued his journey with his newly established mercenary band. His wife has since passed away. After the students were rescued from the bandit attack, he used the opportunity to return to the knights.
Catherine Chie Matsuura A graduate of the Officer’s Academy at Garreg Mach Monastery, and a member of the Knights of Seiros. She’s a master swordswoman who wields the “Raitei” [Lightning], one of the legendary weapons referred to as “hero relics”, and a knight who has sworn loyalty to Archbishop Rhea. Can instruct others in sword and gauntlet skills. Probably a Swordmaster initially.
Alois Manabu Sakamaki Full name Alois Langert. A member of the Knights of Seiros. When Jeralt still served as knight captain, he was one of his subordinates and he’s admired him since then. He gave the protagonist a rare recommendation to become a teacher, after they repelled the bandits that attacked the students. He’s cheerful, friendly and likes telling (bad) jokes. He can instruct others in axe and gauntlet skills.
Gilbert Hiriomichi Kogami Full name Gilbert Prosnirav (surname pending). A member of the Knights of Seiros, hailing from the Holy Kingdom. He’s a pious, serious and polite individual. His expression rarely changes and he tends not to speak of himself. So it’s hard to know his inner thoughts, but he does enjoy fishing and cooking. He can instruct others in lance and axe skills.
Shamir Yurina Watanabe Full name Shamir Nevelant. A bow adept who’s stationed in the Knights of Seiros. She was once a mercenary, but now serves as a knight to repay a debt to Rhea from the past. She’s a rarity within the knights because she’s not a follower of the church; for now, she swears allegiance to Rhea only. She can instruct others in lance and bow skills.
Rodrigue ??? A dark-haired man seen in the Knights’ Hall along with Sylvain, Catherine and Jeralt. Perhaps a Knight of Seiros or eager to learn their ways?

Other / Unknown

Image Name Voice Actor Notes
Flame Emperor ??? A mysterious figure who acts behind the scenes of the monastery. Although their emotions are hidden behind their mask, it’s clear that they’re no friends of the church. For some reason, they ordered thieves to attack the students when they were camping, but their plan was foiled by the protagonist. Afterwards, they became cautious of and, yet, intrigued by the protagonist. What could their goal be…?
Death Knight ??? In the streets of Garreg-Mach, there are convincing rumours going around, about a “Death Knight”… They say an ominous armoured knight, wielding a massive scythe like a grim reaper, spirits people away during the middle of the night. The protagonist soon learns that these aren’t mere rumours, when the Death Knight appears as a real threat. Seen wielding the Scythe of Sariel.
Kronya ??? A member of “those who slither in the dark”. She looks like a happy young woman, but her smile reveals a childish sense of brutality and scorn. Seen brandishing a dagger and is later being strangled(?).
Solon ??? A member of “those who slither in the dark”. He has the look of an old mage and, suitable for his appearance, he uses cunning schemes and tricks. He’s seen staring at something–probably you. He might also be the person strangling a woman here.
Thales ??? A pivotal member of “those who slither in the dark”. In order to carry out his plan, Solon and Kronya follow him as he operates within the shadows. “Those who slither in the dark” are notable for their odd complexion. Their true origins are shrouded in mystery. Seen casting a strange magic circle.
Anna ??? The series’s mascot. She runs a secret shop located in the market, available by completing certain quest(s).
Kostas ??? A brigand wanted by the Knights of Seiros. Seeing attacking Byleth during the night.
Seiros? ??? A serene and undeterred woman standing in the middle of a violent battleground. She’s later clutching the Sword of Creation previously used by the enemy. It’s possible that she’s the Divine Seiros who founded the church and helped establish the Adrestian Empire. She bears a strong resemblance to Rhea, the current church leader.
Nemesis? ??? A powerful, warrior-like figure brandishing the Sword of Creation, a golden blade that doubles as a chain. He appears in the debut trailer, devastating the forces of Seiros. It’s possible he may be Nemesis the Liberation King, Seiros’s arch-enemy. He wears the same crest as Byleth on the back of his cape. He’s aliiiiive!