• Only clearly visible (or at least mostly visible) characters are included.
  • Some allegiances are assumed.
  • You can click the images to enlarge or show the full screenshot.

Church of Seiros

Image Name Class Notes
??? ??? A serene-looking woman who appears to be the figurehead of the Church of Seiros. She may be the woman standing in the middle of a violent battlefield, later clutching a golden blade.
??? ??? A man seen standing to the side of the woman above. Perhaps an adjutant of some kind.

Related to You

Image Name Class Notes
Byleth ??? You; the main character of the game. A mercenary who was invited to become a teacher at Garreg Mach Monastery. Possesses a strange power. Can be male or female.
Jeralt ??? Your pops. The leader of a mercenary group that you’re a member of. Somehow stays alive long enough to deliver you to the Garreg Mach Monastery.
Sothis ??? A mysterious girl who only appears in your dreams. She has pointy ears and green hair, reminiscent of the Divine Dragons of Archanea. Didn’t we just see her headdress somewhere above?

Adrestian Empire / Black Eagles

Image Name Class Notes
Edelgard Noble Full name Edelgard von Hresvelg. The next Emperor of the Adrestian Empire and the House Leader of the Black Eagles. She seems to favour the axe.
Ferdinand  ??? Seen in the background when Edelgard is showing off her lovely crest. Later found dueling Sylvain. Seems to start off as a lance user.
Bernadetta  Noble Hiding underneath a book when Edelgard is flashing her crest around. Looks to be a bow user at the beginning.
Dorothea  ??? A girl with wavy hair, wearing a hat. Seen with the rest of the Black Eagles. Later, has a study session with Byleth. Appears to wield Reason magic and isn’t shabby with the Sword, but lacks Faith.
Petra  ??? A purple-haired girl unleashing a possibly rigged critical hit. Definitely a Black Eagle. Likely a sword user to begin with.
Linhardt  Noble The son of Lyn and Reinhardt. Again, seen with the Black Eagles. Adept with Reason and Faith magic. But doesn’t excel at Riding. So a fraud.
Caspar  ??? What’s Akihiko from Persona 3 doing here? Regardless, he seems to enjoy fighting with his fists. Also likes Axes.
???  ??? A dark-haired male with hair covering one of his eyes. Is it just to look cool or is he hiding something? Spotted wielding Reason magic. Also participates in a Gambit Boost.

Holy Kingdom of Faerghus / Blue Lions

Image Name Class Notes
Dimitri ??? Full name Dimitri Alexander Blaiddyd. Prince of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and House Leader of the Blue Lions. He is often seen brandishing a lance.
Annette ??? A girl with short orange hair. She is seen next to Ashe.
Mercedes ??? A girl who seems to be friends with Anette; Anette calls her “Mercie”. She appears to be a sword wielder in the debut trailer.
Sylvain ??? Full name Sylvain Jose Gautier. When he’s speaking to Byleth, Ashe and the white-haired male sparring with Dimitri are in the background.
Ashe ??? A boy with grey hair who can use a bow. At one point, he seems to be speaking with the white-haired axe wielder seen sparring with Dimitri.
??? ??? A tall, white-haired man who’s seen sparring with Dimitri, using an axe.
??? ??? A male who’s seen sparring with Dimitri, using a sword.
??? ??? A girl with blonde hair who wields a lance. She appears in the background when Anette is speaking to Byleth. Also seen dining with Ashe.

Leicester Alliance / Golden Deer

Image Name Class Notes
Claude ??? Full name Claude von Riegan. The son of the noble family that rules the Leicester Alliance. House Leader of the Golden Deer. His weapon of choice seems to be the bow.
Raphael ??? A well-built man who appears in the background when Claude is planning a strategy meeting.
Leonie ??? A girl with short orange hair who’s wielding a bow when Claude is planning a strategy meeting.
Hilda ??? A girl with pink pigtails who’s looking bored when Claude is planning a strategy meeting. She wields a bow in the debut trailer.
??? ??? A lad with glasses who’s participating in Claude’s strategy meeting.
??? ??? A stern-looking male who’s participating in Claude’s strategy meeting.

(There are two additional characters seen in Claude’s strategy meeting, but we only see their backs.)

Faculty Staff

Image Name Class Notes
??? Mage? A mustached old man who is seen teaching students magic. He may be the tome wielder seen here.
??? Mage? A mature woman seen teaching a class full of students. She appears to be the mage raining down fireballs in this battle scene.


Image Name Class Notes
??? ??? A powerful, warrior-like figure brandishing a sword that doubles as a chain. He appears in the debut trailer, devastating the forces of the Church of Seiros.
Kostas Brigand? A brigand wanted by the Knights of Seiros. Seeing attacking Byleth during the night.
??? ??? An evil-looking man, probably up to evil-sounding deeds.
??? ??? A mysterious figure wearing a plague doctor’s mask, casting some kind of fire magic. Hard to say if it’s a unique character or a generic foe.
??? ??? A swordswoman leaping through the air, wielding a flaming sword.