Battalions & Gambits


One of the striking new features of this game are the Battalions–the groups of soldiers–that accompany units in battle. These Battalions can improve the stats of units and can allow them to trigger Gambits.

Battalions can be hired (with Gold) from the Battalion Guild in the monastery. There are a variety of different Battalions available, each with different stat boosts or available Gambits. The Battalions a unit can equip depends on their Authority skill level.

During battles, when a unit takes damage, their Battalion will lose endurance. The number of triangles next to a character indicates their Battalion’s endurance. Three triangles means higher than two thirds, two triangles means less than two thirds and one triangle is less than one third.

Once a Battalion reaches zero endurance, their supportive effects will disappear and their Gambit cannot be used. Endurance can be replenished from the Knights’ Guild, by paying a small fee.

Last but not least, Battalions can Level Up similar to normal units. When they Level Up, the stat boosts they provide may increase. It seems Battalions can reach up to Level 5 (although maybe higher ranked Battalions have a higher level cap?).

List of Known Battalions

Battalion Gambit Authority Cost (G)
Jeralt’s Mercenaries Assault Troop ? ???
Church of Seiros Soldiers Disturbance E 1,000
Seiros Mercenaries Onslaught E 1,200
Seiros Holy Monks Stride E 1,200
Seiros Sacred Monks Resonant White Magic E 1,200
Seiros Magic Brigade * Group Flames D 1,200
Seiros Pegasus Co. Assembly D 1,200
Knights of Seiros * Blaze C 1,500
Seiros Brawlers ??? ? ???
Holy Knights of Seiros Assault Troop ? ???
Kingdom Infantry * Lure E 1,000
Kingdom Lance Co. Group Lance Attack E 1,200
Kingdom Brawlers (?) Disturbance E 1,200
Kingdom Magic Corps Group Blizzard * D 1,200
Kingdom Snipers ??? D 1,200
Kingdom Armored Co. ??? ? ???
Kingdom Knights Assault Troop E ???
Empire Infantry Lure E 1,000
Empire Warriors Random Shot E 1,200
Empire Brawlers Disturbance D 1,200
Empire Magic Corps Group Flames D 1,200
Empire Archers Fusillade D 1,200
Empire Knights Blaze C 1,500
Empire Magic Users ??? ? ???
Empire Snipers Fusillade ? ???

* Name is translated from the Japanese version


These are extremely potent attacks that can be used when a unit has a Battalion equipped. They can offer various effects, such as damaging multiple enemies at once or providing buffs to teammates. Also, they negate counter-attacks. However, Gambits have a limited number of uses per battle.

When a unit triggers a Gambit with nearby allies that can target the same enemy, a Gambit Boost may occur in place of a co-ordinated attack. Like the name suggests, this enhances the regular Gambit, relative to the support levels of all the participants. It also has a special cut-in effect at the start.

List of Gambits with Known Effects

Gambit Might Hit Rate Uses Effect
Disturbance 4 60 2 Hits up to two foes in a straight line ahead. Causes “Distress” (reduces stats by 10% and cancels movement and stat boosts from Battalions and Gambits).
Group Flames 2 60 1 Range 1~2, also damages foes adjacent to target
Fusillade 5 50 2 Range 2~3, also damages foes adjacent to target. Effective against Flying foes.
Blaze 10 50 1 Turns forwards tiles in a 5 x 3 triangular pattern into “Blaze” tiles (deals damage to foes who end their turn there).
Group Lance Attack ?? ?? >=2 Also hits foes to the left and right of the target. Causes “Distress” (reduces stats by 10% and cancels movement and stat boosts from Battalions and Gambits).
Stride ?? ?? >=2 Range 1, for one turn, increases the Movement stat of the target and nearby allies by 5.
Lure ?? ?? >=2 Range 1, moves the foe to the opposite side of the user and causes “Distress” (reduces stats by 10% and cancels movement and stat boosts from Battalions and Gambits).
Resonant White Magic ?? ?? ? Range 1, restores the target and nearby allies’ HP.

* Name is translated from the Japanese version