AbdallahSmash026’s Fire Emblem: Fates Videos


Abdallah has video walkthroughs that cover the introductory part of Fire Emblem: Fates, the Birthright (Hoshido) route, the Conquest (Nohr) route, and the Revelation (Invisible Kingdom) route. The introductory part covers chapters 1-5 and a bit of 6; basically all the chapters up until your fateful decision. The other three route playlists have videos for the base chapters, as well as the Paralogues that appear.

In addition to these, Abdallah also has separate playlists for the DLC chapters and some various tips including how to use the amiibo and how to recruit their corresponding units. The links to all of these playlists can be found below. Abdallah is still in the process of releasing these videos, but these playlists are actively updated whenever he uploads a new chapter.

Video Playlists

DLC Chapters
Tips and Tricks