Berwick Saga Support Bonus

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This content was originally provided by Othin.


Applies when the characters are within two hexes of each other.

Character Recipient Bonus
Reese Ward Hit +4
Reese Lanette Hit +10, Crit +2
Elbert Chris Hit +1
Chris Elbert Hit +1
Izerna Dean Hit +1
Ruby Arthur Hit +1
Ruby Clifford Hit +5, Crit +1
Arthur Ruby Hit +1
Faye Faramir Hit +3
Clifford Ruby Hit +5, Crit +1
Aegina Sherpa Hit +1
Sherpa Aegina Hit +1
Saphira Paramythis Hit +10, Crit +2
Enid Derrick Hit +10, Crit +2
Enid Percival Hit +4
Percival Enid Hit +4
Paramythis Saphira Hit +1