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The Heroes of Shadow
Release date
21st November 2012
Project page
The Heroes of Shadow

History and development

The English logo
The Heroes of Light and Shadow translation project was created by Blazer on 13th July 2010, with the aim to provide a basic menu translation for fans to utilise until the official translation arrived.

However, roughly a year after the game's release, no news of an official translation came and thus Blazer tentatively expanded the project's focus, aiming for a comprehensive translation. A team of experienced fans was gathered, henceforth becoming "The Heroes of Shadow".

On 31st July 2011, a new menu patch was released, built completely from scratch, showcasing the Heroes of Shadow's prowess. The team explained that the next patch version would translate the game in its entirety, so as to avoid fragmented releases, and asked fans to remain patient until its release.

Initially, progress and discussions for the patch were conducted on the Serenes Forest forums, but eventually discussions devolved into unending complaints about name changes, such as the infamous "Vergil" debacle. As a result, discussions were halted and progress posts were moved to the project blog instead.

Much later, on 21st November 2012, the first complete patch was released to the public. Thanks to the publicity generated by the release, a revised patch was released on 7th December 2012, which addressed a minor graphical issue that bothered some players. Currently, the patch is considered 100% complete and there are no plans to update it.

About the patch

A base conversation
In a similar manner to the Sword of Seals translation, the Heroes of Light and Shadow patch proactively attempts to establish consistency with the preceding title, Shadow Dragon, for example by making use of the official names for returning characters and locations.

The new names were decided by The Heroes of Shadow as a group, after considering multiple factors. Some of the names used in the patch are different to the names used in the official localisation of Awakening.


  • You can now name your Avatar using English letters.
  • There is an additional "squeezed" font, which is used to display very long menu text (e.g. weapon names).
  • In Archanean Chronicles Episode 3, an unused conversation between Maris and Dice has been renabled.

Known bugs/issues

  • In the text rewind (activated by pressing R during dialogue), extremely long sentences are cut off towards the far right. There is a fix for this, but it's too complicated to use.
  • The Wi-Fi setup utility features numerous minor graphical oddities, including a "blank" option between "AOSS" and "Manual Setup".

Project staff

  • Aveyn Knight - Reluctant project head and chief editor. Designed the tutorial help cards.
  • Blazer - Project leader and hacker. Fell to the enemy before the battle was won. But was later revived with the Aum staff.
  • Agro - Translator of the prologue and main story.
  • TheEnd - Translator of the base conversations, sidequests and bonus chapters.
  • Nintenlord - Programmer. Created the FEDS text editor.
  • NomadicTrooperGirl - Graphic editor and hacker.
  • Martze, Pandorakun, Illumio, Ryan - Hardened team of localisers and proofreaders.

(Please see the Readme for a full list of credits.)