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Invisible Ties



Chrom: This is it! Our final battle! Now let's kill this dastard and be done with it!

Validar: So long as the dark barrier stands, no other soul can reach us. You must face your grim fate alone!

Validar's Reinforcements

Validar: Come, my Grimleal! Smite these infidels!

Fight Against Validar


Validar: You WILL die here. Your future is already written.

Chrom: I tell you again: I make my own future. And it's one you'll not live to see!


Validar: No...nngh! All...wrong... Why... WHy would you squander your birthright... Robin... my child...

Chrom: We did it! We did it , Robin! We've altered our destiny! We... We've won.

Robin(F) Enters the Scene

Robin(F): You may have altered the course of history, but not its destination. It is still written that Chrom died here at your hands. Or, perhaps to be more precise... mine.

Chrom: Who are you, really?!

Robin(F): I told you. I'm Robin. The Robin that murdered you and became the Fell Dragon, Grima.

Robin(M): Another version of me? But how...?

Robin(F): I can be so daft sometimes... It's really quite simple. I am you. All that remains is for you to become Grima, as I did. Then you and I will become as one, and we can reclaim my power.

Robin(M): We are not yet the same?

Robin(F): ...You were supposed to choose godhood over your pathetic band of servants But if you'll not claim the sacrifice laid at the Dragon's Table... I will claim it in your place!

Grima's Last Stand

(Part 1)

Robin(F): The Fell Dragon and I are one! And though my journey through time has diminished my power... the lifeforce here shall renew me!

(Part 2)


Chrom: I've come to end you, Grima!


(Part 3)

Robin(F): What I did... It's...it's unforgivable.

Chrom: Don't look like that, Robin. The deed is done, but you can still try to undo the damage, It's not too late!

Robin(F): You're right... I'll fight to atone for my failures!

Chrom: We're counting on you, Robin!


Chrom: The war is over! All that is good and brave in me and what I have done is because of you! We have e]weathered a sea of horror, but we did it as one. And we've come to the shores of a bright future. Together.


First Challenge

(Part 1)

Robin(F): Do you now understand that you cannot change fate itself? You. All. Die. Here.

Lucina: There's just too many of them! At this rate...

(Part 2)

Ryoma: Don't worry, Lucina. I don;t put much stock in all this "fate" nonsense.

Lucina: Ryoma! What are you doing here?!

Ryoma: I didnt expect a reunion so soon, but our strong bonds drew me here.

Robin(F) What do you hope to accomplish? You fools are powerless against me!

(Part 3)

Xander: Alone we may very well be powerless. But that's not true with our allies!

Lucina: Xander! You too?!

Xander: I'm ready to see what our true future has in store for us.

(Part 4)

Robin(F): Hrm, I never would have thought this blabber about "bonds" would amount to anything. But you have all thrown your lives away and the result is the same!

Ryoma: CHrom! Robin! Keep your spirits high! We will fight with you!

Xander: Let's take her down!


Xander: Chrom, Robin, you've both shown us what you are made of.

Ryoma: The war is over. Even if it is only a brief peace, why not enjoy it?

Next Challenge

(part 1)

Marth: Robin! The darkness has taken control over you! You aren't thinking right! Please, come to your senses!

Robin(F): Naive as ever, I see. I'm fighting out of a pure hatred for you.

Marth: Robin... Is that the truth? I don't understand...

Robin: Come closer, Hero-King! I'll drive my point home--right through your chest!

(Part 2)

Robin(F): Marth, you've made it to me! Noe let me open that hole in your chest for you...


Robin(F): Marth... I feel like I've woken from a long deep dream... Please, forgive me...

Marth: The war is over. Thank you everyone. Truly, thank you...

Final Challenge

(Part 1)

Robin(F): Friends? Bonds? I'm free of that silly thinking! I'll kill Chrom, and I'll kill you!

Corrin: You may say that, but I still believe in you, Robin.

Robin(F): Seriously? Are you really so naive?

Corrin: You may call me whatever you like. It won't change my mind about you. You're under Grima's control, but that doesn't change who you are.

Robin(F): Heh, you fool. This body belongs to Grima! We are one and the same!

I won't accept that! I'll fight and I'll bring you back, Robin!

(Part 2)

Corrin: Everyone... Here goes nothing. I'll end this fighting once and for all!


Corrin: It's finally over, Thank you, everyone!

Tiki's Request

(Part 1)

Tiki: Hey... The bad, scary dragon Grima... He's going to come back!

Chrom: When will he return?

Tiki: I don't know. But I can feel his presence... And it's strong. He'll probably return soon. So... you've got this, right, Chrom?

(Part 2)

Tiki: You're not Grima! You're our friend, Robin!


Tiki: Rest now... You can have a dream that isn't scary

It's A Disaster

(Part 1)

Hinoka: What's the situation?

Robin(F): It's a disaster. The damage reaches from the outer wall to the inside of the temple. Almost none of the enemy forces are able to move.

Hinoka: Understood. I don't like the idea of fighting in a holy place... In any case, we don;t need to hurry. All forces, slow march ahead.

(Part 2)

Hinoka: I guess fighting is the only choice we've got left. Just don't hold it against me.


Robin(F): I am truly sorry...but me must press onward.

The Path Is Yours



Xander: Corrin! Quickly, come join us! Your family has come to take you home where you belong.

Ryoma: Don't be fooled by their words. You belong with your true family in Hoshido!

Xander: Come home, little prince. We can live as a family once more!

Ryoma: Corrin!

Xander: Corrin!

Corrin: I... I won;t betray anyone. I'm sure a peaceful soluton exists. If we could just-

Xander: I've heard enough! Corrin, as your older brother, it is my duty to teach you the truth...

Ryoma: Corrin is finally back with his family--I will not let you take him again!

Corrin: It's no use! They just won't listen to me... I'll have to step in if I want to stop them!

Recruiting Sakura


Sakura: B-Brother! Did you come to fight me?

Corrin: No, Sakura. I came to ask you... to please choose to fight alongside me!


Sakura: I've seen your dedication Big Brother! Please...take me with you! I-I'm sure I can find a way to help!

Recruting Takumi


Takumi: From the moment we met, I suspected you couldn't be trusted.

Corrin: Takumi... I understand--I'm sorry. But please... I want to fight beside you!


Takumi: Fine, I'll fight by your side. ... You have my support.

Recruiting Hinoka


Hinoka: Corrin! This is all a ruse, right? We're family. You can't turn your back on your family!

Corrin: You're right, Hinoka--I can't. That's why I want you to fight by my side.


Hinoka: All right, I will fight alongside you. I want to stay by your side until the very end, no matter what side you choose!

Recruiting Ryoma


Ryoma: Corrin... Are you sure you won't return with us to Hoshido? You risk getting yourself killed by taking this neutral position.

Corrin: Ryoma, I've made my choice--and I want you to fight by my side!

Ryoma: It'll take more than words for me to change sides!


Ryoma: Heh, once you've made up your mind, there's no stopping you is there? Very well... I believe in you, and I will fight in your name.

Corrin: Thank you, Ryoma!

Recruiting Elise


Elise: Why do we have to fight each other?

Corrin: I'm so sorry, Elise... But I need you to come with me.


Elise: I know that you didn't betray us, Corrin... So...I'll come with you and fight! I'm here to help you, Corrin!

Recruiting Leo


Leo: I can't believe you're this cruel.

Corrin: Leo... I'd like you to come with me... To fight alongside me!


Leo: ...I will fight by your side. Your heart is true

Recruiting Camilla


Camilla: Ah, Corrin...This must be a misunderstanding. Why won't you come home with us?

Corrin: I'm sorry, Camilla... But I haven't changed. Please believe me!


Camilla: You're right, you're just like you used to be... You're the same kind, cute Corrin!

Recruiting Xander


Xander: I will still forgive you if you repent now and return with us to Nohr.

Corrin: I've made my decision. I want you to join me and fight by my side.

Xander: I see... Then you leave me no choice but to take you back by force.


Xander: So you feel this strongly... I understand now. We fight together, Corrin. I'm sorry it took us this long to join you...


Corrin: I can't do it alone. I'll need your help, everyone!

Xander: I trust you. I trust that you'll remain true to your goal for a lasting peace.

Ryoma: Then I propose a truce between our kingdoms. You and I are similar, Xander. For the sake of our brother... For the sake of the worlf... Let us be allies in this.

Xander: I accept your proposal, Prince Ryoma. I hope that we can achieve a peaceful world.

Corrin: Thank you all. It means more than I can say for everyone to trust me.


Caeda's Inquiry

(Part 1)

Caeda: Hello

Anna: Ack! Where did that...? Oh! You aren't here to steal my treasure, are you?

Caeda: Uhh, no. My name is Caeda.

(Part 2)

Caeda: Tell me. DO you believe in love? Are you in love with anyone?

Anna: Like a person? No... But I am madly in love with money! Deeply, madly in love!


Caeda: Heehee... I'm sorry if I startled you! You just seemed so interesting. I wanted to try and have a chat with you. Turns out you are just who I thought! I'm glad we got to talk. Let's do it again soon!

Anna: She seems nice. Definitely nicer than anyone where I'm from.

Freddy Bear

(Part 1)

Lianna: Frederick! I have something for you from Robin.

Frederick: From Robin? What could it be? I've got a strange feeling...

(Part 2)

Rowan: Hey there, Freddy Bear! I've got some new cured meats for you to try!

Frederick: I'd ask you to please not refer to me by that absolutely ridiculous name.

Lianna: All right, but only if you eat all of these meats... er, after we fight this enemy!


Rowan: OK, that's the last of the enemies. Now go on and try a bite!


  • munch* *munch*

Lianna: Oh! I can believe you really ate it. It's amazing that you can stomach bear.

Frederick: PFFFFFFFFT! Augh! By the gods! I-I'm dying! Dying!

Pitiful Bandits

(Part 1)

Bandit: Heh heh heh! These merchants fell right into our trap!

Anna: Uh-oh... We better get out of here! PROTECT THE MERCHANDISE!

(Part 2)

Corrin: Poor Anna. Why can't those guys just do an honest day's work...

Bandit: We can't take being poor anymore! Hurry up and hand over the goods!


Bandit: I'm sorry! Please! I promise I'll work an honest job from now on!

Corrin: Ah, so you finally get it. I'm glad.

Bandit: I-I do! I'll become an honest leader of a noble gang of thugs!

Lesson in Love

(Part 1)

Camilla: Oh, hello, Cordelia. What is that you've got in your hands?

Cordelia: Lady Camilla! Um... Ir's a book... called Make Him Fall for You in a Fortnight. Do you think it strange that I resort to a book like this for advice?

Camilla: Hardly. It's normal to rely on the wisdom of others. We should talk about it later

Part 2)

Cordelia: Oh, love of my live. If only our fated day would arri--

Camilla: Cordelia? What are you talking about?


Cordelia: "Your eyes sparkle like the stars... Oh, I cannot go on living without you..."

Camilla: Was there something stange in your breakfast this morning?

Cordelia: No. I was just reading aloud... Hrm, this kind of talk just doesn't suit me, does it?

The Dark Pontifex



Noble Lady of Caelin



Together to the End



Hero Challenge




Land of Gods



Cold Reception



A Brush in the Teeth



Princess Minerva



Knorda Market