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ayashii gamesubs
Release date
21st July 2012
Project page
ayashii gamesubs
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History and development

Runan's status screen
The TearRing Saga Translation Project was created by alamone as far back as 2008. However, little progress was made between the team members, and so, in 2010, the project was restarted as an open translation. The first half of the game was translated by Firelizard, who worked on the earlier Binding Blade and Thracia 776 translations, and the second half was translated by Oboro and Runan. Several volunteers assisted with the translation editing.

Owing to slower progress than anticipated, a beta patch was released to the public in July 2012, which translated the entire story. However, as mentioned by the team, the text editing was incomplete; in particular, the quality of the text dropped off as the story went on. The team hoped this new release would raise interest in the translation and bring in more volunteers to help progress the translation. The patch was last updated on 20th July 2013.

About the patch

Battle dialogue
Currently the patch is incomplete. While the entire story has been translated, the text itself has not been completely edited.

Known issues

  • Some text banner graphics not translated.
  • Ending graphics not translated.
  • Patch not playtested or beta-tested much or at all.
  • A lot of the script not proofread or sanity checked.

Project staff

  • alamone - Project director, reverse engineer/hacker, translator
  • FoxStar74 - Project recruitment and organiser
  • Firelizard - Translator (first half)
  • Oboro - Translator (second half)
  • Runan - Translator (second half)

(Please see the Readme on the project site for a full list of credits.)