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ayashii gamesubs, Aethin
Release date
February 2, 2018
Project page
Forum Thread
xDelta Patch

History and Development

Runan's inventory & statistics screen.
The TearRing Saga Translation Project was created by alamone as far back as 2008. However, little progress was made between the team members, and so, in 2010, the project was restarted as an open translation. The first half of the game was translated by Firelizard, who worked on the earlier Binding Blade and Thracia 776 translations, and the second half was translated by Oboro and Runan. Several volunteers assisted with the translation editing. Owing to slower progress than anticipated, a beta patch was released to the public in July 2012, which translated the entire story. However, as mentioned by the team, the text editing was incomplete; in particular, the quality of the text dropped off as the story went on. The team hoped this new release would raise interest in the translation and bring in more volunteers to help progress the translation. Eventually, the project slowed to a standstill.

In April 2015, a new editor, Aethin, asked to take on the project. The entire script was re-edited from scratch for quality assurance, and many item, skill, and class names were updated to better align with Fire Emblem naming conventions. The first version of the new patch was released on July 30, 2016, and it has been updated several times since then.

Patch Details

A multiplayer battle between Norton and Shigen.

Patching and Playing Instructions

The patch is designed to be applied to a Japanese BIN file of TearRing Saga. The patch is in xdelta format, so it must be used with a program such as xdelta UI. Select the Japanese BIN as the "Source File" and select a new file with the extension .bin as the "Output File," which will be the patched game. Patching may take several minutes, during which the patcher will appear as "Not Responding."

The patched game has been tested as working on the emulators ePSXe and pSX. These emulators require BIOS files to play the game, which must be downloaded separately. Note: If using ePSXe, be sure to change the default setting of CPU Overlocking from 0x to 1x (or higher), otherwise the emulator will crash when loading a ROM.

Known Issues

Currently, the patch is considered complete, save for a handful of very minor patch-specific inconveniences:

  • Esther's promoted title is blank. It should read "Paladin of Verje."
  • Pop-up message for obtaining the Dakruon is garbled.
  • Pop-up message for assigning a unit to the armory is garbled.

Editor's Note: If any typos, inconsistencies, or bugs with the current patch are found, please notify Aethin via PM or on the project thread.

Project Staff

A conversation scene with Roger.
  • Original Hacker/Director: alamone
  • Second Hacker/Director: LCKhoa
  • Recruitment: FoxStar74
  • Old Translation - Translators: alamone, Oboro, Runan, Eien ni Hen, FireLizard
  • Old Translation - Editors: Agro, akage, Allanassiduity, Blossercubbles, Cecil Hoshino, Cheetah7071, Henry Spencer, HikarUSA, Ike-Mike, Kabuk55, Karuchi, Khan, Marsdriver, Ofermod, sumi, Uryvichk
  • New Translation - Translator/Editor: Aethin

Special Thanks

  • Major Contributions to Proofreading the New Script: Miacis, Deltre