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(Booster Series)
(Booster Series)
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The following series are legal for use in official tournaments until ''May 2020''.<br>
The following series are legal for use in official tournaments until ''May 2020''.<br>
[[File:BoxBannerB05-2.png|280px|link=:Booster_Series_5:_Surpassing_Rivalry|Booster Series 5]][[File:BoxBannerB06.png|280px|link=:Booster_Series_6:_Storm_of_the_Knights'_Shadows|Booster Series 6]][[File:BoxBannerB07.png|280px|link=:Booster_Series_7:_Conquering_Honor|Booster Series 7]][[File:BoxBannerB08.png|280px|link=:Booster_Series_8:_Life_and_Death:_Beyond_Destiny|Booster Series 8]]<br>
[[File:B05Banner.jpg|175px|link=:Booster_Series_5:_Surpassing_Rivalry|Booster Series 5]][[File:B06Banner.jpg|175px|link=:Booster_Series_6:_Storm_of_the_Knights'_Shadows|Booster Series 6]][[File:B07Banner.jpg|175px|link=:Booster_Series_7:_Conquering_Honor|Booster Series 7]][[File:B08Banner.jpg|175px|link=:Booster_Series_8:_Life_and_Death:_Beyond_Destiny|Booster Series 8]]<br>
<span style="font-size:20px;">Season 3</span><br>
<span style="font-size:20px;">Season 3</span><br>
[[File:BoxBannerB09.png|280px|link=:Booster_Series_9:_Thunderous_Earth|Booster Series 9]][[File:BoxBannerB10.png|280px|link=:Booster_Series_10:_Crossroads|Booster Series 10]][[File:BoxBannerB11-2.png|280px|link=:Booster_Series_11:_Glorious_Twinstrike|Booster Series 11]][[File:BoxBannerB12.png|280px|link=:Booster_Series_12:_Raging_Deluge|Booster Series 12]]<br>
[[File:B09Banner.jpg|175px|link=:Booster_Series_9:_Thunderous_Earth|Booster Series 9]][[File:B10Banner.jpg|175px|link=:Booster_Series_10:_Crossroads|Booster Series 10]][[File:B11Banner.jpg|175px|link=:Booster_Series_11:_Glorious_Twinstrike|Booster Series 11]][[File:B12Banner.jpg|175px|link=:Booster_Series_12:_Raging_Deluge|Booster Series 12]]<br>
<span style="font-size:20px;">Season 4</span><br>
<span style="font-size:20px;">Season 4</span><br>
[[File:BoxBannerB13.png|280px|link=:Booster_Series_13:_Flame,_Steel,_Thought_and_Grief|Booster Series 13]][[File:BoxBannerB14.png|280px|link=:Booster_Series_14:_Eyegazing_Future|Booster Series 14]]<br>
[[File:B13Banner.jpg|175px|link=:Booster_Series_13:_Flame,_Steel,_Thought_and_Grief|Booster Series 13]][[File:B14Banner.jpg|175px|link=:Booster_Series_14:_Eyegazing_Future|Booster Series 14]]<br>

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Important Dates and Official Information

Here's an overall thread to Series 13: [[1]] - including links to Sleeves, Booster Boxes and Starter Decks on Amiami.

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Below are some important dates to keep in mind about upcoming series, events, or general info releases:

June 28th, 2018 – Release of Series 13 and Blazing Blade Starter Deck!
June 27th – Series 14 pre-orders available from AmiAmi
July 29, Aug 5th, 12th, 19th – Cipher Summer Party: 4 locations across Japan! There will be battles, signing events, selling of goods to enjoy. Free to all.
Aug. 25th – Special Summer Livestream @ 8pm JST / 9pm AET / Noon GMT / 7am ET / 4am PT
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Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn (Green)The Binding Blade,The Blazing Blade and Sacred Stones (Purple)Genealogy of the Holy War and Thracia 776 (Yellow)Heroes and Warriors (Colorless)

Booster Series

Each Series has 100 different types of cards, with rarities for each card spanning from Normal (N), High Normal (HN), Rare (R) and Super Rare (SR).
There's also a guaranteed R+ in each sealed box and the off chance of having an SR+ instead. From Series 5 onward, some
R+ and SR+ have alternate art and there's an off chance of having a secret rare (N+X or R+X) instead of the R+ as well.

Season 1
The following series are legal for use in official tournaments until May 2019.

Booster Series 1Booster Series 2Booster Series 3Booster Series 4

Season 2
The following series are legal for use in official tournaments until May 2020.

Booster Series 5Booster Series 6Booster Series 7Booster Series 8

Season 3

Booster Series 9Booster Series 10Booster Series 11Booster Series 12

Season 4

Booster Series 13Booster Series 14

Starter Decks

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