Serenes Forest Scribbles 2015 Hall of Fame

Winners and Runner-Ups

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Additional Information

  • “Behind Her Mask” is a full-length comic; the rest of it can be found at the author’s tumblr.
  • “Do the Gods Listen when we Pray?” is a fanfic; the actual text can be found on Google Docs.
  • “Sack Aqua” was later sent as a gift to Rena Strober, Azura’s English voice actress (Twitter / Youtube).

Full List of Entrants

Note: Format is author — submission.


PopteenPrincess — Tsubaki and Cordelia
insignia — But You Didn’t
AK — Every Morning
madimb — Ephidel
bling — Procrastination
Nimue — Swordsman of the Plains
Tao — Lords of Lycia
SirRob — The Devoted
qvoro — Nailah
Seraphessence — Roy’s Growths
Merc — Awakening Harken
Phantom12 — Two Sided
hanmaki — Fate Brought us Together
vokhaz — Grima’s Pulse
squidchan0 Eirika Squid
Hakuramen — Behind Her Mask
Pikachu955 — Heroines
Minodot — Gallery of Lords
Chen — Eirika
ToastyToasty — Underappreciated Lords
sm642000 — Kamui and Aqua
Mew — Blazing Sword
Sokloeum — Reincarnation
Sasis — The Inevitable Future
Dragonslayer9x — Last Kiss
Arawn12 — Corrin
LetsJam — Light Inheritor
TheSwordHand — Change of Fate
Makkin — A Lion’s Resolve
Patrickzzz — Pencil Roy
NotJim — Ike vs Black Knight
DavidSW — Navarre Portrait
AthenaWyrm — Awakening
Busterman64 — FE Uprising
Preferin — Respect and Protect
Radiantdawnlord — Which side would thou choose?
Xyeo — DM Thoron
Zick — Grima is back
Astralius — Apotheosis
Ciarre — Laguz Meetings
Nishiki — Mural of Choice
urabae — Untitled #1
quitetheactress — Cordelia Painting
CaitlynMellark — Fated Games
DuffOstrich — Dolph and Maccellan
zenyzen — Reinforcements Mechanic
Hat Kid — Weapons
Gaheris Black — Custom Lucina Armor
Lopey — Happy Sakura
Thor Odinson — Meteor Strike
grimatina — Our Fate
PowerMaster — Shadow of Black Knight
Reiyson — Harem
rmroomh — Charlotte
thesilentchloey — DM Lucina
zeziamsdemon — Into Peril
Cruzer — Branching Point
Gzei — Make your Choice
Vigamox — Battlefield
Miatt — Loony and Meaningless Stories with Mia
hypherr — Alluring Blossoms
Damosel — Arms and Armor
Manakete Morgan — Of Swords and Lords
EnigmaticTwilight — Roy
algae — The Black Knight
Freohr Datia — One of Many
carefreejules — Fire Emblem
Solchan — What I Believe
Azure Sky — Hoshido Family
ChristmasTree (Sprites) — Untitled Sprites
L95 — FE3 Divine Dragon Pixel Thing
Eriad — Battle of Barhara
smashbrethren — Branches of Fate

Written Works

ApostleHeinrich — The Beautiful Princess of Peerless Beauty
Sunwoo — The Path Thereafter
slayer1412 — The Answer
Jankmaster98 — Julius Caesar
Silver Lightning — The Impossible Choice
Snike — The Sinner and the Saint
False Prophet — For the Living
Nyanko — Go to sleep, Marx!
Meldorn — Forging Bonds
FELORDS — Lord of Renais
davidcrimsons — Crimson Air
Magic Ike — Never Occurred
Toogee — Unshakable Faith
Dragoncat — Flying Steed Study
Hattusili l — After the War
rydia3791 — The Paradox Child
Replica Model — Dragon’s Gate Beckons
Kakeyo — Listen when we Pray
Ether — Catnaps
Meatshield236 — Deja Vu
LokiLaufeyson — Lissa Emblem
eclipse — Second Chance
Guren808 — Fire Emblem: Sacrifice
Aquakat — On the Plains
Fire Emblem Fan — Taliver Bandits
Jotari — Rebirth VI
LoZfan86 — Man and Tree
Doctor Robert — Car of Legend
Balcerzak — Actually SMT x FE
Nym — New Dark Dragon
ShadowsInterceptor —
blah the Prussian — The Adventures of the Crimean Liberation Army
Yotsmungandr — Mirror’s Fate
Spazzmaster613 — A New Fang
XaosLogos — Everything Went Dark 2
Wyrd — Chained Inside
Sword_of_dusk — Hope Never Dies
Crazy Foxie — The Last Order
SonPancham — Skirt Chasers
Peaceribbon — Tools of War


Jeheza — Fire Emblem Medley
Aquantis — Fan-made OOAK Heron Dolls
EgyptsDragonEyes — Aqua Song’s New Arrangement
TheosMeo — Tribute to SNES FEs
Geozeldadude — Robin and Robin
Rethel34 — Twin Roads Medley
Myke — – The Journey
Rocket2Jupiter — – Origami Grima
Foolish_Connor — Fates T-Shirts
Pomhub — Amiibo Painting
peppermint_grinder — – FE x PQ Opening
BirdsgoBoom — FE6 GBA SP Paint
roymbrog — Grima Sculpture
pataplum — Anna Cosplay
Mabrchan88 — Paladin Cosplay
ToxicWombat53 — Tactician Cosplay
Svisen — Robin CosplaySilver Pegasus — The Fire Emblem
Arcanigon — Eliwood and Ninian
JakobVTV — New Game Ideas
Himagurumi — SackAqua
WhisperingEcho — Fates Winter Gear