This page features a timeline of news stories related to the game. For more information, please check the Information and Media pages.

19th April 2012

Official Release Date

Fire Emblem: Awakening is now officially out in Japan!

Official Site Update

The official site has updated with what seems to be the final character profile and details of the latest SpotPass content. SpotPass & DLC Players can receive SpotPass teams featuring the 1st Gen. characters from Genealogy of the Holy War and purchase the (currently free) paid DLC featuring Marth.

17th April 2012

Game Out Early

The game is meant to be released on the 19th, but some gamers have already got their hands on the game. (Source—contains spoilers)

12th April 2012

Official Site Update

The official site has updated with a list of unit classes, the videos from yesterday and details of a “music selection” CD.

Famitsu Information (continued)

As the game’s release draws near, the latest issue of Famitsu features a 10 page blow-out on the game. Sadly, most of the coverage is just stuff from previous issues or recent announcements. (Images)

11th April 2012

Nintendo Channel

A new “Class Introduction” video and extra set of character-themed TV commercials were added to the Wii Nintendo Channel in Japan. (Video)

Famitsu Information

Awakening received a 9/9/9/9 (36/40) score from Famitsu, making it one of the highest rated Fire Emblem games. (Source)

10th April 2012

Marth DLC

Nintendo has revealed the first set of paid downloadable content, which will enable players to recruit Marth from another world. (Source)

7th April 2012

Jump Information

The latest issue of Jump includes details on Fauder, the head of the Gimle Cult, and the Change Seal item. (Image)

5th April 2012

Official Site Update

Another bi-weekly update, this time with 5 new character profiles, 3 TV commercials and some very brief details on Marriage and the DLC. (Images)

Famitsu Information

This week’s issue features the return of Tiki, an introduction to the western continent of Varm, My Unit’s class options and the Everyone’s Room feature. (Images)

4th April 2012

Nintendo Channel

A “companions’ bonds” video and TV commercials were added to the Wii Nintendo Channel in Japan. As well as explaining the Dual Attack, Dual Guard, Double and bond systems, the new video introduces Marriage and your kids. (Video)

Official site

The official site has updated with the above video and the second part of the Iwata Asks interview. Topics include marriage, Fire Emblem‘s style and the developers’ favourite features.

2nd April 2012

Official Site Update

A rather small update today, but possible big news for Japanese fans. Nintendo’s online shop will start receiving pre-orders for the limited edition Fire Emblem Awakening Special Pack on 14th April. (Source)

29th March 2012

Official Site Update

The official site has updated with new character profiles, further details on Skills, information on the StreetPass and SpotPass communications and the “character training” video from yesterday. (Images)

Famitsu Information

This week’s Famitsu includes 5 new character profiles (including a playable Anna!), details on weapon forging, sidequests and the SpotPass mode. (Images)

28th March 2012

Nintendo Channel

A “character training” video was added to the Wii Nintendo Channel in Japan, containing details on character growth, changing classes and obtaining Skills. (Video)

22nd March 2012

Official Site Update

Since the official site already updated yesterday, I thought it was done for this week, but evidently not! 4 new character profiles have been added (same as Famitsu’s selection), the Story and Communication sections are now open and the Training page has been updated. (Images)

Press Release

In anticipation of the game’s release next month, Nintendo has briefed the Japanese press with details on My Unit, the Dual system and the game’s Communication features. The only new information is that the confirmation of sidequest chapters accessed via SpotPass.

21st March 2012

Official Site Update

The official site has been updated with a new video, focusing on the game’s story and animation, as well as a new Nintendo points card design.

Iwata Asks

Nintendo has added the first part of the Iwata Asks interview for the game, which covers subjects such as creating the new Fire Emblem, the game being a massive compilation of ideas and developing with the theme of “Awakening”.

Famitsu Information

Famitsu’s weekly coverage continues, this time featuring four new character profiles, explanations of the Class Change options and how to acquire special Skills. (Images)

16th March 2012

Retailer Bonus

Japanese online retailer ebten is offering a set of two cleaning cloths, featuring artwork from the game, when purchasing the game. (Source)

15th March 2012

Official Site Update

The latest update to the official site adds more character profiles, the video from yesterday and details on some of the game mechanics, with a few video clips to show them off. (Images)

Famitsu Information

As promised, Famitsu continues their coverage of the game, this time featuring more character profiles and further gameplay details. (Images)

14th March 2012

Nintendo Channel

An introductory video was added to the Wii Nintendo Channel in Japan. As well as explaining the premise of the game, this new video includes fresh details on the game’s many communication features. (Video)

9th March 2012

Jump Information

The latest issue of Jump confirms the inclusion of Marth, the main character of Shadow Dragon and Mystery of the Emblem, in the game. (Scan)

8th March 2012

Official Site Update

The official site has been updated with 6 additional profiles, which were already covered in the latest issue of Famitsu. (Images)

7th March 2012

Famitsu Information

The latest issue of Famitsu includes details on the game’s story and setting, character profiles and confirms the return of the branched promotion system. (Images)

2nd March 2012

Retailer Information

Japanese online retailer Game Star’s product listing for this game mentions a few details about the game’s mystery communication functions. (Link)

1st March 2012

Special Pack

Nintendo has announced a limited edition Fire Emblem: Awakening Nintendo 3DS bundle for Japan. (Images)

24th February 2012


A decently sized image of the game’s boxart can be found on Amazon Japan’s product listing of this game. (Image)

22nd February 2012

Nintendo Direct

The new game made its second appearance at Nintendo Direct. Details such as downloadable content, the character illustrator and a Nintendo points card design were revealed. (Video)

Official Site Opens

The official site for the game is now open. Currently the only sections open are About the Game, Characters and Movie, all containing information from Famitsu or Nintendo Direct.

16th February 2012

Famitsu’s Scoop

The latest issue of Famitsu, a Japanese gaming magazine, includes expanded information on the game. Details include the return of the Lunatic difficulty setting and Casual mode, where permanent character death is disabled. (Images)

10th February 2012

My Unit Returns

The latest issue of Jump, a Japanese magazine, reveals the return of the My Unit system, which allows players to create their own playable character. (Scan)

27th December 2011

Nikkei Report

According to Japan’s Nikkei newspaper, the new Fire Emblem game will be Nintendo’s first foray into paid downloadable content for the 3DS. (Source)

Nintendo Direct

The new Fire Emblem game made an appearance in the second of Nintendo’s “Nintendo Direct” online videos. President Iwata explained some of the game’s key features, like the world map and skills systems, which are borrowed from past games. The game’s title was revealed to be Fire Emblem: Kakusei (literally: Fire Emblem: Awakening) and its release date set for 19th April 2012 in Japan. (Video)

13th September 2011

Fire Emblem 3DS

A brand new installment in the Fire Emblem series for the Nintendo 3DS was announced at Nintendo’s 3DS Conference in Japan. The game, currently without subtitle, is set for release in Spring 2012 in Japan. (Source)