Allen & Wolt

C Support

Allen: 498…499…500…
Wolt: Sir Allen?
Allen: Phew… Ah, Wolt.
Wolt: You’re sweating so much… Are you all right?
Allen: Don’t worry, I’m fine. I was just doing some practice swings with my sword. I’m still weak. I must train myself further.
Wolt: But… We’re in the middle of a battle. Shouldn’t you be saving your energy for an emergency, Sir Allen?
Allen: Shh! …An enemy. Let’s go, Wolt! Don’t lag behind!
Wolt: Wha-? Y-Yes, Sir Allen!

B Support

Allen: 998!…999!…1000!…
Wolt: Sir Allen!
Allen: Ah…Wolt… Good to see you…again…
Wolt: D-Do you really have to go so far? You’ll be done for if you go into battle like that!
Allen: I know it’s crazy… But I have to do it. Don’t you feel the size of this continent as we fight through it?
Wolt: Yes.
Allen: We must become stronger, even if we go over our limits. We are the ones who must become stronger to protect Master Roy.
Wolt: Yes!
Allen: All right… I’ve caught my breath. Let’s go!

*Allen leaves*

Wolt: He’s amazing… I can’t be losing, either!

A Support

Wolt: 98…99…
Allen: Wolt?
Wolt: Sir Allen!
Allen: Are you training as well?
Wolt: Yes. After watching you, I couldn’t just sit around waiting. I have to become strong to protect Master Roy as well.
Allen: I see. That’s the spirit! Become strong, and surprise Master Roy!
Wolt: Yes!