Astohl & Wendy

C Support

Wendy: Sir Astohl.
Astohl: Hm? Oh… You’re Bors’ younger sister.
Wendy: What are you doing back here? With your light gear, you should be far ahead of us.
Astohl: Uh… Sorry. Your legs and back don’t really work the way you want them to when you’re my age…
Wendy: …Sir Astohl, just how old are you?
Astohl: Whoo, scary… You’re even more serious than your brother. And you’re even built like him. What a shame for a girl of your age to be so f-
Wendy: I’m not fat! This is my armor!
Astohl: O-Okay, okay. Just calm down…
Wendy: A-Anyway… Try to learn from my brother a little more!

B Support

Wendy: Sir Astohl!
Astohl: Hey, Wendy. How are you doing?
Wendy: …Sir Astohl… What are you doing relaxing here like this… This is a battlefield! Please be more serious!
Astohl: Well, there’s no point in getting too fired up for nothing. Come on, let’s take it easy.
Wendy: …… You won’t get away today. I’ll drag you along if I have to!
Astohl: Whoa… Hey, wait a minute…

*Astohl loses his balance*

Wendy: S-Sir Astohl… That wound…
Astohl: Oh… Don’t worry about it. It’s just an old scar. I can’t do much with this leg because of it.
Wendy: …… When…did you get that wound?
Astohl: Uh… A long time ago. I kinda messed up when I snuck into Bern’s castle on a mission. I managed to get away, so I guess it’s a scar of honor, so to speak.
Wendy: I… I’m sorry! I didn’t know…
Astohl: Yeah, so I told you not to worry about it…

A Support

Wendy: Sir Astohl!
Astohl: Ah, Wendy. Beautiful as always.
Wendy: You can’t flatter me with that. I understand about your leg. But! I still have a lot to tell you! First, about your drinking habits…
Astohl: …Oh, damn…
Wendy: No, you’re not getting away. You shall behave like a proper Ostian knight from now on!
Astohl: Uh-huh…