Barth & Wendy

C Support

Wendy: Sir Barth! Are you all right?
Barth: Of course. I would never lose to such puny enemies like these.
Wendy: Yes, of course.
Barth: I won’t ask you if you’re safe, either. We Ostian knights will never lose.
Wendy: Yes.
Barth: I’m glad that you’re looking out for me, but you should be concerned about yourself before worrying about others.
Wendy: Yes.

B Support

Barth: What’s the matter, Wendy? You’re panting. An Ostian knight wouldn’t be heaving after a light battle like that.
Wendy: Yes, I’m sorry.
Barth: Remember our training, Wendy! Don’t you remember how we marched full-speed over that mountain? This is nothing compared to that!
Wendy: Yes!
Barth: Show the enemy the wrath of the Ostian knights!
Wendy: Yes! I will!

A Support

Barth: Wendy.
Wendy: Sir Barth, how can I improve my skills further?
Barth: You’re already a full-fledged Ostian knight, Wendy. I don’t have anything to criticize you for.
Wendy: Thank you! But…Sir Barth… Can you…say something?
Barth: Something? What?
Wendy: Um… I’m sure there’s much more that I need to work on, so…
Barth: No. From now on, you must judge your own self.
Wendy: But…
Barth: …What’s the matter? Why do you look so discouraged?
Wendy: I… I want you to teach me more…
Barth: ?
Wendy: Don’t… Don’t leave me, Sir Barth…
Barth: Huh? What are you talking about? We are now comrades fighting together. I wouldn’t just leave you.
Wendy: Really?
Barth: Of course. …We have wasted time talking like this. Let’s get moving, Wendy!
Wendy: Yes!