Bartre & Karel

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Bartre: I… I’m terribly sorry about my wife. If I could take her place, I would do so in an instant…
Karel: Well, I can’t exactly say my sister was in good health. I’m glad she lived as long as she did.
Bartre: I’m sorry…
Karel: One thing that I am worried about is Fir. She lost her mother at such a young age…
Bartre: Yes… Maybe… Maybe the reason she left home to go train herself was that she wanted to get her mind off of her mother’s death.
Karel: Training? So Fir was traveling around the continent?
Bartre: Yes. She said she wanted to become a great swordmaster like her mother.
Karel: I see…

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Bartre: ……
Karel: Bartre… What’s the matter?
Bartre: Ah, Karel. …I was just thinking about my wife.
Karel: About my sister?
Bartre: Yes. I first met her when I was traveling around the world, training myself. And then… I met her at that arena. Her sword…it was almost invisible. …I suffered defeat for the first time in my life.
Karel: …I understand. In our family, the sword is everything. We are brought up by the sword, and it is all we know. The sword was so central to our lives…even to the point that it blinded us from our own human nature.
Bartre: Each time I lost, I would challenge her to a rematch. And then, the third time we fought, I was able to evade her first strike. I was immediately knocked out by her second strike, though… When I woke up…there she was. It was the first time I saw her smile. After that, we traveled together, training ourselves alongside each other. Although…I never was able to defeat her.
Karel: You wouldn’t see my sister smile very often… She must have been that fond of you.
Bartre: Do you think so…?

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Bartre: …After she fell sick, my wife starting telling me about her family for the first time. She talked about her heritage, about you, and…about herself.
Karel: I’m sure my sister was happy to be with you when she left this world.
Bartre: Around that time was when we first met each other as well… You resembled my wife when we first met. You were inhumanly strong… Dangerous, and forbidding.
Karel: …Yes. That time, I left you two without saying a word. You must have thought what a terrible brother I was.
Bartre: No, not at all. While she was dying, my wife told me about her childhood with you… She would tell me over and over again, with a smile on her face.
Karel: …… Yes…I see…