Bartre & Zeis

C Support

Bartre: Hmph… So this is a wyvern. It has a forbidding face.
Zeis: You are…Bartre.
Bartre: Yes. Young man, do you mind if I touch him?
Zeis: Well, maybe not now…
Bartre: Hm…? Hmm!? Why, you… You want to fight me, do you!?
Zeis: Rubley, stop!
Bartre: ……
Zeis: I’m sorry, he’s on his toes since we were training… Are you hurt?
Bartre: No, I’m fine. Say, young man, you have quite some talent. You’ve tamed this beast at your young age.
Zeis: No, any Dragon Knight can do this much…
Bartre: Don’t belittle yourself like that. I can tell you have talent. Ah, yes, you said you were training?
Zeis: Yes, I’ve been trying to get some more speed in my offense.
Bartre: Hm, you’re already a powerful Dragon Knight, but you seek to become even stronger? Now that’s a real man. I wish you luck!

B Support

Bartre: Ah, young man. Have you been continuing your training?
Zeis: Yes.
Bartre: Yes, very good. Men must always be strong in body. I say, the men these days are getting softer and softer. Why, in battles I see grown men lagging behind the women! Disgraceful.
Zeis: Yes… We must become stronger still.
Bartre: Yes, I agree… You see, my daughter left home recently, and I’ve been wondering that maybe it was because I didn’t enforce enough discipline on her as a father… It’s been bothering me for several days now.
Zeis: I, uh… I’m sorry to hear that.
Bartre: Ah, it’s always good to talk with someone who understands!

A Support

Bartre: Zeis.
Zeis: Yes?
Bartre: It seems we get along well. I feel I can bring out my true strength when I’m fighting alongside you.
Zeis: Yes, I can also fight without worry with you around. It’s like…something big is protecting me.
Bartre: Hm, if I had a son, I would have raised him into a fine young man like you. You are indeed the perfect match for my daughter.
Zeis: Uh… Thank you.
Bartre: From now on, think of me as your father and feel free to tell me anything. Is that clear, my son?
Zeis: Uh, yeah… Thank you very much.