Bors & Wendy

C Support

Wendy: Bors?
Bors: O-Oh! Hello, Wendy. What a, uh, coincidence!
Wendy: It is good to see that you are well. Did you need something, brother?
Bors: No… I didn’t. I was just walking around, and I ran into you, yes.
Wendy: I…see.
Bors: Are you hurt? Is your armor too heavy?
Wendy: No, I am fine, brother. Well, I must be off…
Bors: You’re going already? You could rest a while longer…
Wendy: Thank you for your consideration, but I really must be off. The battle is starting.
Bors: Y-Yes, of course… Of course you should.

B Support

Wendy: …Bors?
Bors: Oh, Wendy… Just running in to you like this… Pure coincidence, yes…
Wendy: Is something…wrong?
Bors: Ah, no no, nothing. Well, since we’ve met again like this, why don’t we stop and talk a little? Well, are you hurt? Is your armor not too heavy?
Wendy: No, I’m fine. Thanks for your consideration.
Bors: Are you taking care of your spear and your helmet well?
Wendy: Yes.
Bors: Are you eating properly? Do you have any worries that you want to talk about?
Wendy: I’m fine.
Bors: Have you made a lot of friends? Any boyfriends…

A Support

Wendy: Bors…
Bors: Whoa, W-Wendy! We certainly meet a lot…
Wendy: Yes, brother. Did you need something?
Bors: No, nothing. Just…
Wendy: Bors…
Bors: Hm?
Wendy: I am really grateful for your consideration all the time. But I am a knight of Ostia. I’m training myself so I can once become like you.
Bors: ……
Wendy: If I want to become strong, I can’t be depending on you all the time. I’m going to be fine, really, so please don’t worry… I must be off. …I’m really grateful for you, brother.

*Wendy leaves*

Bors: …… …I see… She’s grown so much. I suppose I was the one being childish… Wendy, I wish you luck.