Cecilia & Douglas

C Support

Cecilia: Lord Douglas!
Douglas: Cecilia.
Cecilia: Why didn’t you tell me? I knew you were alive, but I never thought you were here with us.
Douglas: Yes… Here I am, living in shame.
Cecilia: Nonsense, you are a great asset to us all. It is an honor to fight alongside you once again. Let us show the continent the power of the Etrurian Generals!
Douglas: Hm… It’s not like you to be so confident.
Cecilia: My courage is coming from you, Lord Douglas. You have always been my goal, and still are.

B Support

Douglas: The former Sorcery General wanted you as his successor… But it looked like you had many enemies at first.
Cecilia: Yes, I won’t deny that. Being a female general was enough to turn people against me. I spent most of my earlier days fighting against prejudice.
Douglas: To be honest, I was unsure of your abilities as first, too.
Cecilia: Yes, I know. Every time you told me, ‘You’re weak, you don’t know how to fight,’ I would bury my nose in my spell books all night.
Douglas: That’s just like you. Well, it’s no wonder you were holding a grudge against me.
Cecilia: Oh? I never held a grudge against you, Lord Douglas. Do you remeber that time?
Douglas: What time?
Cecilia: The day I enlisted, the other young generals were teasing me about my gender. But you defended me, saying, ‘She’s stronger than you all.’
Douglas: …I’m afraid I don’t remember.
Cecilia: That’s all right. I remember perfectly.

A Support

Douglas: Cecilia.
Cecilia: Yes, Lord Douglas?
Douglas: I must thank you. You’ve helped out an old, worthless soldier like me.
Cecilia: …What are you…
Douglas: Whenever I fight, I can feel my age… Aged soldiers are of no use. My time has ended. It is now up to you to lead Etruria to a bright future.
Cecilia: …… I’ve never heard you say something so silly, Lord Douglas.
Douglas: ……
Cecilia: A bright future for Etruria? You can talk about that after we win. Even if we do win this war, we have much to worry about. We must rebuild our land and regain other nations’ trust. Etruria’s future comes after all that.
Douglas: Hm…
Cecilia: And you’re going to put all that responsibility on us, while you take it easy? I don’t think so, Lord Douglas.
Douglas: …… …You really have grown more confident.
Cecilia: It is thanks to you. Now, if you feel defeated, why don’t you be of some use?
Douglas: Hm…very well. I suppose I can’t be outdone by you amateurs yet. Sigh…
Cecilia: Of course, Lord Douglas.