Chad & Cath

C Support

Cath: Hey.
Chad: Whoa! Who are you?
Cath: You’ve got talent.
Chad: Yeah, so who are you?
Cath: …You don’t know me? I’m Cath, a master thief!
Chad: …Who?
Cath: …Ignorant… I’m your elder. You should respect me, you know.
Chad: No. I brushed my stealing skills on my own, and I’ll continue to do so from now on.
Cath: No, no, you’re not going to get any futher on your own. Oh well, I guess you can learn again under my training.
Chad: Wait, why would I…
Cath: So, you’re now my Servant #1. You’ll work for me from now on.
Chad: Why would I!?
Cath: You’d better watch your mouth. Isn’t this your bag?
Chad: H-Hey! When did you… Give it back!

B Support

Chad: Hey!
Cath: Oh, it’s you.
Chad: Give back my bag! Now!
Cath: Whoa… Calm down. Here.
Chad: ……
Cath: What are those scribbles? Who is that?
Chad: Father…
Cath: Father…? …You’re an orphan.
Chad: …I wasn’t good in my studies, but when I drew pictures, Father praised me. He said I had clever fingers, and that I could be an artist someday.
Cath: …… I see… …… …… Ah! I don’t like situations like this. I want to live more optimistically. You should do the same, #1.
Chad: What do you mean, #1!
Cath: You. You’re my Servant #1, remember?
Chad: I never agreed to that!

A Support

Cath: Hey, Servant #1. How have you been doing?
Chad: …Fine.
Cath: I’ve been watching you. You seem to have been improving. Well of course you’re not as good as I am, though.
Chad: Yeah, whatever. I never became your servant, all right.
Cath: Hey, wait. If not my servant, how about my partner?
Chad: …Partner?
Cath: Right. We can be partners. The famous pair of thieves, out to save the poor! What do you say?
Chad: Pair… …That in itself doesn’t sound too appealing.
Cath: What? Wait a minute! It’s the master thief giving you this offer! Hey! I said wait!