Dieck & Clarine

C Support

Clarine: Excuse me, would you mind sitting still? I’ll heal your wounds for you…
Dieck: What’s a kid like you doing in the battlefield?
Clarine: !!
Dieck: Are you lost? Where are your parents?
Clarine: !!! You infidel! Do you have any idea who…
Dieck: Yeah, yeah, you’re the kid of some high rank nobility, right? That still doesn’t explain why you’re here.
Clarine: !!!! You filthy…! Listen in awe! I am Clarine of the Rigley family of Etruria!
Dieck: What? Then you’re Lord Pent’s…
Clarine: Do you know my father?
Dieck: Klein’s little sister…
Clarine: ! You know Klein, too!? Who…are you…?
Dieck: No, it’s nothing. Forget it.
Clarine: No, it’s not nothing!
Dieck: Clarine, was it? Be careful out there.

*Dieck leaves*

Clarine: What!? Wait! …Who is he…

B Support

Clarine: …So, I’m telling you to speak! Who are you? Keeping quiet won’t benefit you in any way!
Dieck: Don’t you ever shut up? Gimme a break, kid…
Clarine: My name is Clarine!
Dieck: Fine. Well, Miss Clarine, I don’t really approve of girls going around chasing after guys’ asses.
Clarine: What!? You have such a foul mouth…!
Dieck: Exactly. You don’t want to be around someone like me, now, do you?
Clarine: …I will not be fooled. You are just trying to drive me away.
Dieck: Geez, she’s not cute at all… Are you really part of that family?
Clarine: That’s it! I wanted to ask about my brother!
Dieck: Dammit, I’m falling into her pace! Cunning kid…
Clarine: My name is Clarine!

*Dieck leaves*

Clarine: Wait! Wait, I say!

A Support

Dieck: …All right, you win. I’ll tell you. So just stop following me everywhere…
Clarine: Finally, we understand each other. Please begin, I am listening.
Dieck: It’s really not that big of a deal… It’s just that I once worked for your family as a pitfighter.
Clarine: !? Then… Are you Dieck?
Dieck: Yeah?
Clarine: Really? I always wanted to meet you, Dieck!
Dieck: What’s that supposed to mean?
Clarine: You saved my brother’s life!
Dieck: Who told you?
Clarine: Everyone! My father, my mother, my brother… I grew up hearing all these good things about you.
Dieck: ……
Clarine: When you left, I was still little… I remember that I always regretted not being able to see you. But now, here we are!
Dieck: I see… Well, now you’ve seen me. Satisfied?
Clarine: Yes.
Dieck: Good. Then you’ll stop hovering around me wherever I go, right?
Clarine: Oh, I’ll follow you everywhere!
Dieck: What…
Clarine: If you saved my brother’s life, then that means you are an important person to me as well. And I want you to tell me what my brother was like when he was young…
Dieck: …I don’t think so.

*Dieck leaves*

Clarine: Oh! Wait, Dieck! I won’t let you go!