Dieck & Lott

C Support

Lott: Bro, what do you think about our employer?
Dieck: That kid, Roy? What do you think?
Lott: I like him. He’s pretty impressive for someone so young.
Dieck: Yeah, he is. But… He’s young. Too young.
Lott: Well, I guess you’re right, but…
Dieck: I understand why you support him. He’s a nice guy, and he’s got the brains and guts. But… The battles now are still easy. When he gets to a real battle, in a life or death situation… That’s when we’ll see how he really is.

B Support

Dieck: Years ago…when I just became a mercenary… I was only concerned about spreading my fame.
Lott: Really… You had such times, too?
Dieck: Our squad was sent right in the middle of the enemy lines. We were supposed to go deep into Bern and kill the enemy leader. We waited underground for days…and then the time came. When we went out… dozens of arrows rained down on us.
Lott: ! Why…?
Dieck: Our employer… He purposely put us there so he could buy time for himself to escape. Our squad was decimated. They killed us all, except for me. They left me alive for torturing purposes.
Lott: ……
Dieck: We mercenaries are simply disposables in their eyes. That’s the norm. If you don’t think like that, you won’t be able to take it…
Lott: But…that kid, Roy…
Dieck: Yeah…he’s different. If only I’d known him before…

A Support

Dieck: So… Looks like we’re both still alive.
Lott: Yeah.
Dieck: …Funny, isn’t it?
Lott: What is?
Dieck: We’re mercenaries. We don’t give a damn about who wins, all we care about are our money and our lives. We’re best to just walk off rather than stay and get killed. But…it’s weird. We’re going through all these incredibly tough battles, and I still don’t feel like running off. Roy…he makes me feel like I can die for his purpose and not have any regrets.
Lott: Of course. I feel that way, too.