Dieck & Thany

C Support

Thany: Hey, Captain!
Dieck: Thany, please. Not ‘Captain.’
Thany: Why? Back in Ilia, we always call our leader the captain.
Dieck: It doesn’t suit me.
Thany: All right, um… Okay, then I’ll call you Bro, like Lott and Ward do.
Dieck: No.
Thany: Shoot, can’t use that, either?
Dieck: Just call me Dieck, like you always have.
Thany: No! I feel left out when they call you Bro and I just call you Dieck.
Dieck: Don’t be ridiculous. Come on, let’s go.
Thany: Hey wait! Dieck!

B Support

Dieck: Thany, I see you fighting on your own a lot.
Thany: Yeah. I’m on a pegasus, see? I have a different movement pace than the others, so it’s easier to fight on my own…
Dieck: All right, then, I want you to slow down to our pace from now on.
Thany: What? But I’m doing fine on my own!
Dieck: Everyone gets worried when you just go charging in like that.
Thany: But if I get stronger…
Dieck: Can you stand up against a legion in the thousands?
Thany: …Um, no.
Dieck: Then make sure you match your pace with the others, to make sure we can win.
Thany: To make sure we can win, huh?
Dieck: Wars aren’t fought alone, you know.
Thany: Yeah…

A Support

Thany: Dieck! See how I’ve been adjusting my pace to the others lately?
Dieck: Yeah… But you shouldn’t trust them too much, either.
Thany: Huh? That’s different than what you were saying before!
Dieck: What I said then was a guideline for fighting. What I’m saying now is a guideline for a mercenary.
Thany: For a mercenary…
Dieck: A mercenary has to fend for himself. No one’s gonna be looking out for you. You’ve got to be skeptical. You should even be wary that I might be giving out orders just so I can ensure my own safety.
Thany: That’s not a problem.
Dieck: Eh?
Thany: You wouldn’t be thinking things like that.
Dieck: You never know.
Thany: I know. So do Lott and Ward. That’s why we can entrust our lives to you.
Dieck: …Don’t get cocky, kid.
Thany: Teehee…