Ellen & Chad

C Support

Chad: Sister! Wait! Hey wait, please!
Ellen: …? Me?
Chad: Yeah. Sorry I shouted… But I needed to ask you something.
Ellen: Oh. I will help you if I can.
Chad: Okay, if I’m not wrong, one of these herbs is medicinal, right? You can make a vulnerary out of one of them.
Ellen: Yes, it’s this one. I’m surprised that you knew that one of them was medicinal.
Chad: Yeah, Father taught us at the orphanage I used to live in.
Ellen: He’s a good man.
Chad: Yeah, he sure is! Well I better go. I have to bring him this herb quickly.
Ellen: Him? Is someone hurt?
Chad: Eh? Yeah, he’s a traveler, and he got hit by a stray arrow. It’s not a large wound, but the bleeding won’t stop.
Ellen: Wait, then my healing staff would work better than the herb. Can you show me to this traveler?
Chad: Really!? You would really help him out!?
Ellen: Yes.
Chad: Gee, thanks! Then let’s hurry!

B Support

Chad: Miss Ellen!
Ellen: Hello, Chad.
Chad: Thanks for your help the other day. That traveler’s now fully recovered, and he said that he was really grateful to you.
Ellen: I just did what I should have.
Chad: What? No way! I never would have dreamed that there would be someone who would use an expensive healing staff on a commoner.
Ellen: What?
Chad: Only those of the Elimine Church would treat commoners with healing staves. And even then, it would only be if the wound were severe enough to kill the victim or something.
Ellen: …Really?
Chad: Yeah. At least it was like that in the countryside of Lycia, where I used to live. But we have our own ways of treating wounds too, so most people know about medicinal herbs and stuff. …We were all doing our best to survive until Bern invaded.
Ellen: …I…see.
Chad: Wha-? S-Sorry! I didn’t mean to make you sad…
Ellen: No…it’s not your fault. It’s just that…my… My country… started the war…
Chad: !? …Miss Ellen, are you…?
Ellen: I…come from Bern.
Chad: !! ……

*Chad leaves*

Ellen: Chad! Wait! …Chad.

A Support

Ellen: …Chad.
Chad: !
Ellen: Wait! Don’t go! Please…listen to me.
Chad: ……
Ellen: It’s my country that started the war. So I understand…if you have hostility toward me, a native of Bern…
Chad: ……
Ellen: But why? Why don’t I see hate in your eyes, but sadness?
Chad: !
Ellen: Can you…tell me about it? I want to take at least some of the burden off of your heart…
Chad: …… …Father…the Father of our orphanage…he died. Bern’s soldiers…they came one day. We had a little garden where we grew food. The soldiers…they trampled on it with their horses because… They said that it was in the way of their path. It was a tiny garden with really nothing more than roots, but…
Ellen: So…Father tried to protect the garden?
Chad: Yeah… Even if all we had were roots…they were still food to us.
Ellen: Chad, you can cry… If you’re sad, you have to let it out.
Chad: …I was the oldest of the orphans, so I couldn’t be crying. The little kids, and my best friend Lugh… They were in shock after seeing Father get killed right in front of their eyes. It was my job to take care of them. I don’t want to lose family any more… That’s why I chose to fight.
Ellen: You’re strong.
Chad: My hatred towards Bern is my strength… The drive to avenge Father and to protect the other orphans… That was my purpose in life. I never had any hesitation at all!
Ellen: Do you hesitate now?
Chad: …To me, the people of Bern are all bastards. They’re only thinking about themselves, and they don’t give a damn about what happens to others as long as they get their profit! …Or so I thought, until I met you.
Ellen: Chad… I’m on your side. I, as an individual, and not as a
person of Bern… I want to help you. Do you still hate me now…?
Chad: …I don’t know.
Ellen: Then I’ll stay at your side, Chad. I can’t replace Father… But I can at least be someone there for you when you need to talk.
Chad: …Have it your way!
Ellen: Thank you, Chad.