Ellen & Zeis

C Support

Zeis: Ellen!
Ellen: Sir Zeis!?
Zeis: I knew I saw you in this army.
Ellen: Yes, I will always be at Princess Guinevere’s side… Sir Zeis, did you join to help Lady Miredy?
Zeis: Of course that’s part of it, but the main reason that I joined is to see the heart that Princess Guinevere has for Bern.
Ellen: ? So you will be helping us as well?
Zeis: Well, not entirely, but… Yeah, I guess you’re right.
Ellen: Thank you! You will be of great assistance.
Zeis: Yeah, well, I suppose.
Ellen: I’m sorry, I must be off…
Zeis: All right, see you.

B Support

Ellen: Sir Zeis!
Zeis: Ellen, what’s the matter?
Ellen: There was a man over there with an extremely menacing face…
Zeis: What! Where!? Oh, him? …Ellen, that person is in our army.
Ellen: What? Oh… I…I was so rude!
Zeis: Did you scream or something?
Ellen: *nods*
Zeis: You’re still scared of men? Well, I guess I can’t blame you. It was years before you would speak to me normally like this!
Ellen: I’m sorry…
Zeis: No, it’s all right. It’s more like you. But could you stop calling me Sir?
Ellen: Ah…I…
Zeis: Okay okay, don’t stress over it… Well then, see you. Just tell me if something happens.
Ellen: ……

A Support

Zeis: Ellen!
Ellen: Sir…Zeis.
Zeis: Here.
Ellen: These flowers…
Zeis: They’re the same as the ones you were growing back in Bern, right?
Ellen: ……
Zeis: I saw a bunch of them growing on the mountaintop the other day, so I picked a few because I thought you would like them…
Ellen: ……
Zeis: Ellen? What’s wrong? Wait, are these the wrong flowers?
Ellen: …Why…?
Zeis: Huh?
Ellen: Why are you always so…good to me…?
Zeis: Eh? Ah, er, well… Well, we come from the same town, and, uh… I don’t know, it’s just that I can’t…leave you alone, you know? I want to stay by your side and protect you… Would that…not be all right?
Ellen: No, I’m very glad… But I must stay by Princess Guinevere’s side…
Zeis: I know. I’m also a knight of Bern, so I’ll protect the Princess with all my strength. So let’s defend the Princess, and someday we can return to Bern together!
Ellen: Yes. Thank you, Zeis… Thank you…