Geese & Garret

C Support

Garret: Hey, you’re a sailor, right?
Geese: Hm? Yeah, I am.
Garret: Do sailors make a lot of money?
Geese: …… Well, we used to. But now…it’s not so good. I had to stoop down to piracy.
Garret: Oh… Sorry to bother you, then.
Geese: What? I thought you wanted something.
Garret: I was thinking you might hire me on your ship, but it’s kinda stupid to go from being a bandit to being a pirate. I just…don’t want to rob people to live any more.
Geese: Hey, not so fast. I’m gonna quit piracy. It doesn’t suit me anyway. I’m going back to being a trader after the war ends. I could hire you to do odd jobs around the ship if you want.

B Support

Geese: Hey, Garret. Try spinning around in the spot a few times.
Garret: What? What kind of joke is this?
Geese: Just think of it as a sailor’s test.
Garret: Damn… Fine. …… All right, I did it.
Geese: Good. Now try walking over here straight.
Garret: …… …Whoa.

*Garret loses his balance*

Geese: You’re gonna get seasick. You’ll have to fix that if you want to be a seafarer.
Garret: What? An grown man, seasick?
Geese: That doesn’t make a difference. Even grown men puke their guts out when they’re still not used to the rocking of the ship. And the outer seas can be nasty. We somtimes come across storms that could flip the ship over. Well, I suppose you’ll get used to it after a month or so.
Garret: A month? I’m gonna be seasick for a whole month?
Geese: Of course. The ocean’s huge. We sometimes won’t see land for an entire year.
Garret: Whoa… Maybe I don’t want to do this after all.

A Support

Garret: Well… Fast cash isn’t easy to find, is it. Sailing seems like a worse option whenever I hear about it.
Geese: You think so? The sea’s a great place.
Garret: But you’re always on the water, right? It’s just endlessly blue wherever you look.
Geese: No, the sea’s not only blue. Sometimes it turns gold.
Garret: Huh?
Geese: It’s true. When the sun comes up in the east…or when it sets in the west… The whole ocean shines a beautiful gold…
Garret: ……
Geese: Dawn is great as well, but I prefer the sunset. When you’re sailing towards the setting sun, it’s just…
Garret: But you can’t make any money with the sunset.
Geese: …You have no aesthetic sense. All right, I’ll let you on my ship some time. I’ll show you the ocean. You can’t call yourself a true sailor until you see that beauty.
Garret: This isn’t gonna make me any money…