Klein & Tate

C Support

Klein: Tate.
Tate: General Klein! Is something wrong?
Klein: No, I’m fine. I just wanted to tell you something.
Tate: Tell me something?
Klein: Yes. When I hired you and your squad…I was hiring you as an Etrurian general.
Tate: ??? Yes, of course.
Klein: So if I weren’t an Etrurian general, you would be free to do as you wish.
Tate: Yes, I know. That’s what I told my squad when we joined this army.
Klein: Well, you don’t seem to be taking advantage of that freedom.
Tate: ? Of course I am.
Klein: Well… If you say so.
Tate: …What are you trying to say?
Klein: No, it’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.
Tate: ……

B Support

Tate: General Klein.
Klein: Tate? What’s wrong?
Tate: It’s about what you said the other day…
Klein: The other day?
Tate: You said that I wasn’t taking advantage of my freedom…
Klein: Oh, that.
Tate: I wasn’t quite sure what you meant, so I wanted to ask you.
Klein: Well, since you’re free to do what you want, no one’s forcing you to stay here. That’s all.
Tate: !! …Does that mean that you don’t need my help?
Klein: No, that’s not what I meant. Tate, you’re a mercenary. Staying with this army isn’t going to get you much income. So if you’re just fighting alongside us out of guilt or a feeling of responsibility, I just wanted to let you know that you shouldn’t feel compelled to stay.
Tate: Yes, you’re right. Perhaps it is inconvenient to stay with this low-paying army. But I’m staying with you out of my own will. Please don’t worry about it.
Klein: Oh, all right, then. I’m sorry if I’ve been a bother.
Tate: No, not at all.

A Support

Klein: Tate, when this war ends, I could help you find an army that pays well.
Tate: …Why?
Klein: Well, even though you said that you’re fighting with us out of your own will, my being here is still one of the reasons that you stayed. I just thought that I should compensate by helping out with your future plans…
Tate: …I can do that on my own. I appreciate your consideration, but please don’t worry about it.
Klein: But…
Tate: Or is my being here a hindrance to you?
Klein: N-No! Not at all!
Tate: Then why are you telling me things like that!
Klein: …What’s the matter, Tate? How come you’re so upset…
Tate: Ever since the other day, all you’ve been talking about it getting me out of this army…away from you!
Klein: What? Well, I…
Tate: I chose to stay by your side because I love you! But you… You’re so inconsiderate!
Klein: Um, well… I’m sorry. It’s just that… I never thought that you felt that way about me.
Tate: ……
Klein: So… …… You know, Tate, you’re to blame as well!
Tate: Wh-What?
Klein: You keep calling me ‘General Klein, General Klein,’ like you want to keep your distance with me! That’s why you make me think that you’re simply tagging along out of responsibility!
Tate: B-But…
Klein: No ‘General’ from now on. Just call me Klein, all right?
Tate: Yes, General Klein.
Klein: No. Klein.
Tate: Huh? Oh… Yes…Klein…