Lalam & Echidna

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Lalam: Echidna!
Echidna: Hey, Lalam. What’s up?
Lalam: What’s happening with the plan?
Echidna: Plan?
Lalam: Yeah, the plan about building that village.
Echidna: Oh. Yeah, I’ve been going around recruiting help. Are you going to help out, too?
Lalam: Of course! What do you want me to do?
Echidna: Dance, of course. Your dancing cheers everyone up. It makes them feel like getting up and working some more.
Lalam: You think so? Hmm… Well, I can cook, too. You know my Special Stamina…
Echidna: No way.
Lalam: Wh-What?
Echidna: Ever since I started the rebellion, I’ve been eating your… I can’t even bear to say it in words. Anyway, I wouldn’t call it food.
Lalam: I never! I’ve always been trying…
Echidna: Look, Lalam. You usually don’t end up burning the house down when you cook a proper meal.
Lalam: That’s not a big loss, considering how wonderful my food tastes.
Echidna: The wails and moans of the rebel members… I can still hear them echoing in my ears. Has Elphin ever eaten the stuff?
Lalam: Yeah. But he didn’t say anything.
Echidna: ……
Lalam: You see? There’s something wrong with everyone else’s taste buds. My food was probably too high-class for them. Maybe…Roy might appreciate my fine taste. Yes! I’m sorry, Echidna. I have to have Roy try my cooking!

*Lalam leaves*

Echidna: …I’m sorry, Roy…

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Lalam: Oh, Echidna.
Echidna: Lalam. Hey… You were talking about feeding that stuff to Roy, but… Did you really do it?
Lalam: What’s that supposed to mean!? He praised me! He said that it was really…uh…that it looked really good.
Echidna: So he ate it, huh? When’s the funeral?
Lalam: Hmph! I just wasn’t doing too well that day! My stepfather always said that he loved my cooking.
Echidna: Now, now, even if you can’t cook, your dancing is still the best in the world. I should be working hard, too, to let the people live in peace…
Lalam: …You know, you’re really noble.
Echidna: Wh-What?
Lalam: You’re always thinking about others. Even this, you’re building a village so that other people can live peacefully.
Echidna: I…
Lalam: You’re like those heroes that appear in the sagas that bards sing! You appear, help the needy, and leave as suddenly as you had come… You’re also mysterious since you never tell anybody about yourself.
Echidna: Right…I don’t.
Lalam: But I won’t ask. I’m really curious, but there must be an important reason why you won’t tell us.

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Lalam: Hey, Echidna!
Echidna: Yeah?
Lalam: I just had a really great idea!
Echidna: What is it?
Lalam: Do you want to hear it?
Echidna: Well, yeah.
Lalam: Are you sure?
Echidna: Yes, I’m sure. Come on, let’s hear it.
Lalam: Okay. I was thinking, when the village is done, let’s put a statue there.
Echidna: A statue?
Lalam: A statue of you! It can have an engraving that says, ‘A great hero lies here…’ or something like that.
Echidna: Hey, hey. I don’t plan on dying yet.
Lalam: Anyway, it’s your village, so there has to be a statue of you somewhere. Make sure you think of a pose for it.

*Lalam leaves*

Echidna: She’s an odd girl… Well, I guess that’s nothing new.

*Lalam reappears*

Lalam: Oh, one more thing!
Echidna: What?
Lalam: Don’t you go disappearing on us! We all love you, you know. Don’t you dare try and run off!

*Lalam leaves*

Echidna: …… Yeah… I know, Lalam.