Lalam & Garret

C Support

Lalam: Eeeeeeeek! A bandit!
Garret: Yup, I’m a bandit. Got a problem? …Hey, I was wondering… Do entertainers make a lot of money?
Lalam: Huh?
Garret: I can’t be doing banditry forever. I’ve been looking for a job that would earn me a decent income.
Lalam: Hmm… I don’t know if we make a lot of money, but…
Garret: Hey, do you think there’s some kind of entertainment that I could do?
Lalam: Well… What I know best is dancing, so… Perhaps there’s one you could do…
Garret: There is? Teach me, please!
Lalam: Well… All right. I’ll teach you next time. See you!

*Lalam leaves*

Garret: I’m counting on you…

B Support

Lalam: No, no! You’ve got it all wrong!
Garret: Wh-What? It was like this, right? You step like this, and then you twirl… What am I doing wrong?
Lalam: Just doing the moves isn’t enough. You have to have charm. With an expression like that, everyone’ll run screaming.
Garret: Shut up! This is the face I was born with!
Lalam: Oh…? Talking back, are we? Fine, then. I won’t teach you any more.
Garret: Erg… O-Okay… Charm, right?
Lalam: You have to always be smiling. Come on, give it a try. Let’s see some charm…
Garret: S-Smile… All right… ……
Lalam: Hahahahaha!
Garret: What’re you laughing at!?
Lalam: Okay, what more do you need… Oh, I know. You don’t have enough sex appeal.
Garret: S-Sex appeal!? Look, I’m a guy. Can’t you imagine how creepy I’d look if I tried to look sexy with this face!?
Lalam: Oh…? Talking back again?
Garret: All right, all right! I’ll do it! I’ll do anything you say! Here… How’s that? Do I look sexy enough now!?
Lalam: Good! You’re doing well. Hahahaha!
Garret: …I swear, she’s just playing with me…

A Support

Garret: Hey! Lalam!
Lalam: Yeah?
Garret: You were just making fun of me, weren’t you! You were teaching me how to dance, huh? Well, that was nothing but a load of crap! When I danced in front of the others like you showed me, they all laughed their asses off!
Lalam: Really? Good!
Garret: What!? Why, you…!
Lalam: Look. An entertainer’s job is to let people have fun. No matter how well you can dance, there’s no point if your audience isn’t having a good time.
Garret: Hm…
Lalam: If you want to make your audience cry, you really have to cry. If you want to make them laugh, you might have too look like an idiot. I know that if my audience is having fun, I don’t mind embarrassing myself.
Garret: …… Damn… You do have a point. …But it still looks like dancing isn’t for me. Entertainment’s tougher than I thought…
Lalam: Hahaha… Hey, I thought you did pretty well.