Lilina & Barth

C Support

Lilina: Barth, I haven’t thanked you yet, have I.
Barth: Thanked me?
Lilina: You came to rescue me, remember?
Barth: Oh, that. I was just fulfilling my duty as a knight, my lady. In fact, I must apologize that we couldn’t get to you earlier.
Lilina: Barth…I’m sorry. I can never give you anything in return… Oh, I know. Here, take this necklace…
Barth: Lady Lilina, please. We do not fight for reward.
Lilina: But…
Barth: You were safe. That in itself is enough reward, my lady.
Lilina: Thank you, Barth…

B Support

Lilina: Barth, do you remember Devias and Leygance?
Barth: All I know is that they were making contact with Bern to start a rebellion. However, the rumors I’ve heard about them are all bad. I understand that they were using their position as generals to illegally collect money.
Lilina: I see…
Barth: The rebellion was being planned even before Bern invaded. Astohl has found proof of that.
Lilina: Yes… I was foolish. They were both my father’s knights, so… I didn’t want to suspect them… I wanted to trust them.
Barth: But that trust is what put you in danger…
Lilina: I know… I’m truly sorry, Barth…
Barth: Lady Lilina, please value your safety above all. You are our master, and we knights depend on you to pledge our loyalty.

A Support

Lilina: Barth… What do you think will happen to Ostia now, without my father?
Barth: Unless someone rebuilds Ostia after this war is done, it will fall further and further into chaos. That someone is you, Lady Lilina. Our people are all waiting for you.
Lilina: But… I don’t think I’m quialified. I’m just going to be a nuisance to you all… You…think so too, right?
Barth: …… I know not how a person in power should be, but… When you said that you wanted to trust your servants, I certainly did not feel that you were mistaken in thinking so.
Lilina: ……
Barth: I have one thing to say to you, my lady. No matter what kind of path that you would follow from now on, we knights will swear our loyalty to always support you.