Lilina & Cecilia

C Support

Cecilia: Lilina, is your magic improving?
Lilina: Yes, I think I’ve been getting better since you taught me the basics.
Cecilia: Good. You have a special gift for magic, Lilina. If you practice, you’ll become a great mage like no other.
Lilina: Me…?
Cecilia: Yes. So make sure you keep up with your training.
Lilina: Yes!

B Support

Lilina: General Cecilia, why didn’t you teach magic to Roy?
Cecilia: What?
Lilina: When Roy was studying in Ostia, you wouldn’t teach him magic at all, no matter how much he asked.
Cecilia: Ah… You’re right. I didn’t.
Lilina: Why didn’t you? You taught it to me a great deal…
Cecilia: That’s partly because of you.
Lilina: Because of me?
Cecilia: Right. Roy…you know how he is. If I taught him magic, he would have practiced and practiced to master it.
Lilina: Yes, you’re right. But…
Cecilia: You see, practice isn’t enough to master a school of magic. You need talent, and that can’t be obtained through mere training. What would Roy think if there was a person with that talent right near him? He’s working as hard…no, probably even harder than that person, but still he’s lagging far behind. What would he feel like?
Lilina: That person… Is it me?
Cecilia: People have things that they’re naturally good at. It was clear that Roy wouldn’t do very well with magic, so I figured that he would be better off mastering the sword.
Lilina: ……
Cecilia: Lilina, you will eventually lead Ostia’s future. Remember this… If you assign someone to a task that he is naturally not good at, he will waste his ability. You must never think that everyone works in the same way.
Lilina: Yes…

A Support

Lilina: General Cecilia, don’t you think Roy has changed recently?
Cecilia: In what way?
Lilina: He’s gotten calmer… Or rather, he’s more confident when he’s giving commands to the army.
Cecilia: You would naturally become like that if you were in charge of an entire army. If Roy didn’t grow, the army itself would be in danger.
Lilina: General Cecilia, you said the other day that I would be leading Ostia’s future.
Cecilia: Yes. After all, you are Lord Hector’s only heir.
Lilina: Do you think I could be like Roy? I mean… I couldn’t even recognize a traitor in my own castle…
Cecilia: People grow according to their potential. Even me, I didn’t know what I would do when I was pulled from Ostia to Aquleia and was told that I would be Etruria’s Sorcery General.
Lilina: But you were able to succeed because of your ability…
Cecilia: That’s not true. I was only able to come this far thanks to Percival and Lord Douglas. You’re thinking that you have to do everything on your own, aren’t you?
Lilina: Oh…
Cecilia: Even Roy isn’t fighting on his own, you know. He’s putting faith in the people around him. That is another important attribute for a person in power. So you can depend on people when you want to, too.
Lilina: Even you?
Cecilia: Of course. I’ll be glad to offer you help when you need it.
Lilina: Yes!