Lilina & Wendy

C Support

Lilina: Hello, Wendy.
Wendy: Lady Lilina… Please stay close to me. I shall protect you with my life.
Lilina: Th-Thank you… That armor… It’s quite an accomplishment. Isn’t it heavy for a girl?
Wendy: No, my lady. The weight of an knight’s armor is a symbol of his loyalty.
Lilina: All right… But just don’t strain yourself.
Wendy: Thank you very much, my lady.
Lilina: Why did become an Armor Knight? Did you want to become like Bors?
Wendy: Yes… My brother is the goal that I pursue. I wish to protect you like my brother does, Lady Lilina.

B Support

Lilina: Wendy.
Wendy: Yes, Lady Lilina?
Lilina: Let’s chat a little. Tell me about yourself.
Wendy: Yes. I am an Armor Knight of Ostia…
Lilina: No, not things like that… For example, do you have a man whom you fancy?
Wendy: A…man?
Lilina: Yes.
Wendy: I…don’t really know.
Lilina: What?
Wendy: I always just focused on become strong like my brother, so… I never really thought about things like that…
Lilina: I see… Let’s talk about something else, then. We’re both girls in the same army that grew up in the same place. I want to know more about you.

A Support

Wendy: Lady Lilina, you are an odd individual.
Lilina: Odd? Why?
Wendy: You are in a much higher position than we are… But you still come right down to talk to us with a smile on your face. It seems…odd.
Lilina: Do you think so? I just want to be friends with you.
Wendy: F-Friends? I don’t think that would be possible, my lady… You are my master!
Lilina: That doesn’t make a difference. You’re the only girl around my age that grew up in the same area. Let’s not worry about who’s the master or the servant…
Wendy: Lady Lilina! You are carrying Ostia’s future on your shoulders. You are different from us. You do understand that, do you not?
Lilina: …So we can’t be friends?
Wendy: I’m sorry. But I am very grateful for your consideration. Perhaps we cannot be friends, but would you allow me to go over and chat with you once in a while?
Lilina: Of course! …Thank you, Wendy.