Lott & Echidna

C Support

Echidna: Hey, you’re from the Western Isles, right?
Lott: Yeah… How did you know?
Echidna: Easy, your face. All men from that area have features like that.
Lott: …We do?
Echidna: Are you going back home after the war? If you are, I could use your help.
Lott: Yeah?
Echidna: I’m planning on building a new village in the Western Isles. It’ll be for people who lost their homes in the war. I want you to help build it.
Lott: All right, I’ll do what I can…
Echidna: Really? Thanks.
Lott: But I can’t promise. I can only help if I survive the war.
Echidna: Saying things like that already?
Lott: I’m just saying it because it’s entirely possible. I can’t be making empty promises if I don’t know whether I’ll survive or not…
Echidna: You’re such a worrier for someone so young. You’ll be getting gray hairs before you’re thirty at that rate.
Lott: …I will?

B Support

Echidna: Hey, it’s you again.
Lott: You’re the one who wanted to build the village…
Echidna: Right, the plan’s coming along smoothly. A free village, open to anybody… That’s my dream.
Lott: Do you have the money to build it?
Echidna: …Well, we’re suddenly getting realistic. You see…actually I don’t. But I know of the mines in the Western Isles, so I’m planning on going in and hitting a jackpot…
Lott: That seems pretty unrealistic to me… …Oh, wait. I know of an old, deserted mine.
Echidna: Really?
Lott: Yeah, I went there with Ward when I was a kid. There were rumors that the place was haunted, so nobody went near it.
Echidna: I see.
Lott: Ward seemed really scared, he probably believed the rumors. We went in a little, and suddenly Ward screamed and starting running towards the entrance. So I followed him out.
Echidna: Was there something in there?
Lott: Yeah, snakes. Lots of them. They covered the whole cave floor. I was trying to figure out why there were snakes in there… But anyway, the mine was closed because of them.
Echidna: I see… So there might still be some gold left in there. Sounds interesting. We might be able to get the money for the village there. Say, can you take me there when we get the chance?
Lott: I don’t mind… But it’ll be dangerous.
Echidna: Oh, that won’t a problem. You’ll be there to protect me.
Lott: …Me?

A Support

Echidna: Hey, how are you doing?
Lott: Yeah, I’m still alive.
Echidna: Don’t you die. I’m counting on you to survive.
Lott: I don’t plan on dying. I have a sister back home. And also…
Echidna: Also what?
Lott: No, nothing.
Echidna: Oh, I get it. You’ve got a speical somebody waiting for you, eh? Well, well, aren’t you the lucky man.
Lott: …… Anyway, I’m planning on going home soon, granted I stay alive…
Echidna: Are you worrying about that again?
Lott: The enemy is getting stronger all the time. I don’t know how much longer I can hold out…
Echidna: ……
Lott: I know that we’ll win in the end… But I don’t know whether I’ll be able to go home.
Echidna: Come on, don’t be so stupid.
Lott: …I’m stupid?
Echidna: Someone of your age should be enjoying life! I know you’re probably worrying about your sister and all sorts of things. But you have to go running around more freely. You’ll probably run into walls and hit your head from time to time, but that’s life.
Lott: …I don’t think I want to be hitting my head.
Echidna: Don’t worry, even if you die, I’ll take care of things for you. So you can go out and get killed without any worries! …You know?

*Echidna leaves*

Lott: …… She seemed to be saying something different than what she was originally talking about… But…was she trying to cheer me up?