Lugh & Hugh

C Support

Hugh: Oh… H-Hey! You’re Lugh, right? I, uh, I’m sorry for mistaking you for your brother the other day…
Lugh: No, Hugh, it’s all right. We’re twins, so no one can really tell us apart anyway.
Hugh: Oh man, thanks for forgiving me. I can’t believe I just got pissed and grabbed a kid by the collar like that. I’m a terrible man.
Lugh: …But originally it’s Ray’s fault for walking off with your spell book. Then I have to apologize, too.
Hugh: No, never mind that. That was partly my fault for being off-guard.
Lugh: But… …Yeah, you’re right, never mind. We got to meet each other because of it.
Hugh: Yeah! We’re both magi, so let’s help each other along!
Lugh: Yes, I was hoping that you would teach me some things.

B Support

Lugh: Hugh! Are you all right?
Hugh: Huh? What do you mean, all right?
Lugh: You’re bleeding from your elbow! We have to stop it…
Hugh: Oh, I got hit in that last fight. Don’t worry about, it’s not a big deal.
Lugh: Yes it is! You’re not just going to leave such a bad wound alone… If you die, it’s all over, you know.
Hugh: Lugh? You look a little pale, too…
Lugh: …I’ve suffered enough times already from losing people close to me. …I will treat that wound.
Hugh: …… All right, thanks.

A Support

Hugh: Lugh, about the other day…
Lugh: I’m sorry! You said you were all right, but I just ignored you and… I’m sure you didn’t like a kid being so arrogant like that…
Hugh: Idiot, why are you apologizing after helping me?
Lugh: But you seemed to have been avoiding me after that, so I thought maybe you were mad…
Hugh: …I was embarrassed, what do you think!
Lugh: What? Why?
Hugh: Because… No one ever cared for me that much in my whole life… My grandma was the one who raised me, but she was one hell of a bitch. I’ve gotten injuries far worse than this one, but she wouldn’t use her staves to heal me at all! I was just so happy that you seemed to be so concerned… Lugh, thanks, man. You’re now my friend forever.
Lugh: Of course, Hugh! Let’s be friends forever!