Niime & Yodel

C Support

Niime: Well… Long time no see.
Yodel: Yes… You seem to be doing well.
Niime: Heh… You’ve certainly gained more than a few years.
Yodel: Ah, yes, how embarrassing. You seem to be as young and beautiful as ever.
Niime: …Is that an insult?
Yodel: Of course not. …It has truly been a long time. How many years has it been?
Niime: Forty…no, fifty years? It’s been a long time…
Yodel: Yes… Indeed.
Niime: …Now, I think I understand how you felt that time.
Yodel: Yes… I too understand your argument.
Niime: But that was a long time ago…it’s a time that’s gone forever. Our paths split on that day. They’ll never cross again…
Yodel: ……

B Support

Voice: …Yodel… Yodel! Can’t you hear me?
Yodel: Niime…
Voice: …They killed your sister. She was crying out your name as she died. Still…you won’t do anything.
Yodel: I…
Voice: Forgive them? Ha, forgiving them isn’t going to solve anything. If we let them live, they’ll be sure to repeat their vile deeds. Innocent people are going to die by their hands. Is that what you want? Answer me, Yodel!
Yodel: Niime, I…

*The screen flashes, and Niime appears*

Niime: Yodel?
Yodel: …Niime.
Niime: What were you doing? I almost thought you had finally fallen over dead.
Yodel: No, I was remembering the past. If I just close my eyes, I can remember the past as if it were yesterday…
Niime: Hmph… I hope you’re not just going senile.
Yodel: I see your foul mouth hasn’t changed at all, either…

A Support

Yodel: The end of this war is drawing near.
Niime: So it seems.
Yodel: What will you do after it ends?
Niime: Who knows? Didn’t I say that our paths are different, and that they’ll never cross? We’ll just go on our own separate ways again.
Yodel: …Niime, both you and I have changed. There may come a day when our paths will cross again. …At least I hope so.
Niime: …Well, no one can tell the future. Who knows, we might walk the same path again… No one knows…