Noah & Karel

C Support

Noah: …I’ve never heard of this area before. I never knew there was a place like this in Bern.
Karel: …… This is a land that people have long forgotten. The years go by, but time just seems to linger… It is that kind of place.
Noah: Did you always live here?
Karel: No. Before I settled here, I used to travel around the world, living by the sword.
Noah: Then… Have you been to Ilia?
Karel: …Once, in the past.

B Support

Noah: The Sword Saint… Have you heard of this legendary figure?
Karel: …No.
Noah: My mother used to tell me stories about him. When I still very young, a large group of bandits attacked my home village.
Karel: ……
Noah: There was a traveler from Sacae in the village inn. Without saying a word, he went out to the village gate… He then cut down all of the bandits, leaving none alive. When he was finished, he left as suddenly as he had come…almost like the wind.
Karel: ……
Noah: If he hadn’t saved my village, I wouldn’t be here today. I’ll always be grateful to the Sword Saint…
Karel: …No. That is wrong.
Noah: …What? Wrong…? What do you mean?
Karel: ……

A Support

Karel: ……
Noah: Master Karel…
Karel: I suppose I should tell you the truth. Keeping silent to cover up one’s shame would be stepping off the path of the sword.
Noah: Shame? You saved my village…
Karel: No. I never thought about saving the village. I just wanted to kill.
Noah: ……
Karel: I was like a demon back then…possessed by the sword. I was aimlessly wandering around, looking for people to satisfy my lust for blood. As long as I could cut, as long as I could kill, it didn’t matter who it was. …Even if that were an infant in a village I happened to stop by at.
Noah: !
Karel: You have no reason to thank me. They call me the Sword Saint… It is but a false name.
Noah: …… But… I can’t imagine that what you say is true when I look at you now. You, standing before me now, are the Sword Saint that I had always pictured in my mind. What… What happened…?
Karel: …Some things you will realize only after you have lost something else. However, by the time my foolishness had left me…it was already too late.