Oujay & Lalam

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Lalam: Hmm… I need to work on my twirls more…
Oujay: Oh…
Lalam: !? Hey! You saw my secret training!
Oujay: N-No! I didn’t mean to!
Lalam: That doesn’t matter! I can’t let you go back alive, now that you’ve seen me. For an entertainer, being seen practicing a trick means death!
Oujay: D-Death?
Lalam: Wait, was that right? Anyway, it’s that embarrassing!
Oujay: I’m really sorry. I didn’t know.
Lalam: Hm… Well, I guess what’s done’s done. Hey, if you saw my dance, you might as well tell me how it was. What did you think?
Oujay: Uhm… Well, it was really pretty. Although it was a little…revealing.
Lalam: Do you think so? You know, this dance’s main part is still to come. It becomes really amazing towards the end.
Oujay: Wow… It does?
Lalam: Hey! You were thinking naughty thoughts, weren’t you?
Oujay: N-No no! I wasn’t!

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Lalam: Hmm~~~
Oujay: Oh, Lalam.
Lalam: ? Oh, you’re the guy who was spying on me.
Oujay: …That’s a misunderstanding…
Lalam: Well, you praised my dancing, so I’ll forgive you.
Oujay: You really like to dance, huh?
Lalam: I guess. It’s fun. I meet a lot of people when I travel around, and they all love my dancing. I like that sort of thing.
Oujay: I see.
Lalam: Hey, I know. Do you want me to show you the rest of the dance from the other day?
Oujay: R-Really?
Lalam: Do you want to see it? You do, right? Then tell me that you do.
Oujay: I… I want to see it.
Lalam: Ah well, I guess I can show it to you. This is the sixth of the seven dances I’ve mastered so far. And it’s called…
Oujay: It’s called…?
Lalam: Dance Number 6.
Oujay: Oh. It’s kind of…ordinary.
Lalam: Hey! You were disappointed just now, weren’t you.
Oujay: N-No! I wasn’t.
Lalam: Yes, you were.
Oujay: No, I wasn’t!
Lalam: Yeah, sure! Nope, changed my mind. I won’t show it to you!
Oujay: N-No…

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Oujay: Lalam!
Lalam: What? Oh, I know. You just wanted to see that dance so badly, right?
Oujay: Your dancing… I think I’ve seen it before somewhere.
Lalam: Huh? You have?
Oujay: Yeah. A small band of entertainers once stopped at my village when I was younger. I went to watch them…and a little girl was dancing in the center. She tripped a few times and made some mistakes, but she was trying really hard. I was going through a tough time back then, but that girl’s dancing kind of cheered me up.
Lalam: Hmm… I don’t remember it.
Oujay: I didn’t think so. But it was really nice. You’re probably cheering up a lot of people with your dancing, wherever you go.
Lalam: You’re embarrassing me now! But thanks, Oujay. Tell you what. I’ll show you one of my special dances some time.
Oujay: Special…?
Lalam: It’s really amazing!
Oujay: Wow… It is?
Lalam: Hey! You were thinking naughty thoughts again, weren’t you?
Oujay: N-No! I wasn’t!